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Not By Chance by Aaron Cole

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by Aaron Cole

Album: Not By Chance

It's like I just touch down in London, I'm gone
Feel like I'm on a wave I never been on
Skipping plans with my woadies

Girl u my number one roadie
We can take this thing slowly
Or we Kobe drop 40
Ain't no other girl you ain't gotta get sick
I'm Stevie Wonder when it comes to all of these chicks
You my ride or die we ain't never called it quits
We just worked that thing out, that's how I know u different
I'm getting goosebumps when u rapping my flows
You gon mess around make me make yo last name Cole
You got the full package baby girl, you a pro
But I ain't gotta tell you girl you already know

When I saw you girl I was like say no more
Everything about u yeah, I adore
Got my love on lock, it's all yours
Yeah, you that thing thing I been praying for
Different from these other ones, that's fasho
Got me going crazy for youuu

Like why, why, why
Tell me why you like that
You just got it like that
Why, why, why
Why you like that
You just got it like that
Like why, why, why
Why why, why, why
Why why why why

I swear I can talk to you for hours girl
Ace of spade tatted on you most valuable
Can't find another you even around the world
God blessed the kid when I found you yeah
Yeah, you worth more than rubies
I still love you when you moody
You know I love when you goofy
I love it how you raw like some sushi
We rocking we rolling every thing is golden
You special you chosen I buy you them roses
Let's do this thing right
That's what I wanna do daily
Seek God first let's live good 'til we 80
Ya blonde highlights got ya boy going crazy
And I just sit back like dang you my lady

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