Refuge (Interlude) by Alex Faith, Odd Thomas

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ATLast by Alex Faith

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Refuge (Interlude)
by Alex Faith, Odd Thomas

Album: ATLast

Spoken Word: Odd Thomas
Thank you for consoling me with your kind words. I really appreciate it. I mean you seem to sew up my entire situation with one simple sentence. How did you do that? I hope you sense my cynicism and my sarcasm because I am trying to make it completely clear that your empty words do nothing for me. Did you even think for a single moment how I must have felt, or is what you said just another feel-good notch on your bible belt? If I had a dime for every time you, preacher, offered me religious rhetoric I would be ridiculously rich. How is telling me that God wants me to be happy even helping me? I'm not asking for happiness. I'm only asking for help in understanding this madness. I need more than what you're giving me. I need deeper, more meaningful words. Maybe if you told me that God cannot use a man greatly until He has hurt that man deeply, that might make sense of some of my misery. Or if you told me the presses of pain sometimes produce the soul's best wine that'd be fine but it would still not be enough to ease my mind because I need more than just words. I need God's words. God's word is the only word that brings me refuge. God's word is the balm of my broken and parched soul. God's word is the only thing that reminds me that God is in complete control. I was never promised happiness in this life, but I was promised comfort, and at this stage in my life the only source of comfort comes from Christ. So give me God's words to help me understand and to help me hear, to speak into my doubt, my helplessness, and my fear. Give me God's words and let God be my refuge

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