Paper Trail by Ali Rozet, Bridge B, Jeremiah Bligen

Song Lyrics

Paper Trail
by Ali Rozet, Bridge B, Jeremiah Bligen

Album: The Abolition EP - The Instrumentals

Vs. 1

They want that skrill yall, make feta and peel off, getting paid dropping dimes on the block, Chris Paul/ Yeah they do anything for the cheddar dog, chasing cheese with a whole clique full of cheddar Bob's/ you can't but what you're missing, why you chasing after change? Aint a dime going with ya/ its money or the gospel, what ya got in ya pocket? See money aint a problem but your god is in your wallet/ you put money over God just to make a little profit, I put Christ over balling, He's a different kind of prophet/ that's a price you can't pay, all they got is that cheese on their mind, Green Bay/ see money fades, no clippers, but salvation lives inside your frame, no pictures/ eternal riches, that's the kind you can't spend, dudes will waist their whole life for some 20inch rims


They love the money, and what it brings, the respect, and what it means/ all the fame, and all the lights, the like the game, they live the life/ yeah they love the paper though, yeah they love the paper though/ I mean really, they love the paper dog, and they gon get it, and they gon get it.

Vs. 2 Jeremiah Bligen

Black cars, back yards, pool with the grass fenced in, something foreign with 10 cylinders in that engine/ two stories, get the glory by any means, whether it's selling crack rock or neglecting your team/ ugh but you aint used to that huh? You'd rather pick on the hustlers like they're the only ones/ no can't do, white and blue, collars on it too, ignoring spouses, crazy hours, the love of money God is due/ kill, lie, cheat, steal, defame and disrespect our women, for dead men, on dead trees, we dead folks living/ forever chasing, the drop outs and the graduated, but why we still slaves when Jesus emancipated?/ I know it's hard but the Lord is saying seek ye, first chase change like your reaching in the seat crease/ and flee the fleeting feeling that pride gives and come home, and let Him snatch you out the pitt, Santonio Holmes, go on!


Vs.3 Bridge B

My God's eternal balling, I think He got you there, sorry to sink the 8ball for all you pocket players/ they let them watches glare, sorry my God is higher, He get that crazy air, Amare Stoudemire/ yaall men are gon start a fire, cause God's enemies called a liar, there is one remedy called retire, from involving with these dollar divers/ everybody wants a piece of pie, isn't that the truth, the call vodka eternal, they call it Absolut/ wonder what damages that'll do? Look up Leviticus chapter 2, you give it to Him in the spirit of diligence, He'll end up giving it back to you/ walking a different avenue, still in His word, statue, looking to bless you ah choo, drawn by His flesh, tattoo/ serving the Lion, zazoo, don't they know that its temporary? Thinking its paper that makes them gods, why don't they look in the dictionary? / Funny the way that a fiction carries, unaware of their destination, they never imagined loving the salary actually lead to their degradation.


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