Graduation Day by B-Luv, B.Reith, Isaiah Tate

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Growth by B-Luv

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Graduation Day
by B-Luv, B.Reith, Isaiah Tate

Album: Growth

(B-Luv) Graduation day, graduation day
As I sit here, there's so much that I want to say
I was class president with a good GPA
But never thought I was good enough to grace the stage
I always viewed my potential as underrated
But now I look across the room yea finally made it
My whole fam is here, what an occasion
I can't believe they're calling my name, I'm graduating (Isaiah Tate) Round of applause you did it, you graduated
My fam all here, they made it, I'm so elated
My mama Cee Lo she showing them smiling faces
A long way from me sleeping down in the basement
High school counselor said I wouldn't make it
You not smart enough you just a bad kid
But that's irrelevant now I'm in a red robe and a black cap looking at my past kid (B-Luv) But looking back on it, I was afraid to apply
It was mid summer '08 somewhere around July
PD mentioned college and asked me to try
I filled the paperwork out but I didn't realize
That I was closer to my destiny
My past failures blinded the future in front of me
I got a call a week later I've been accepted
God took my fears and my imperfections and then He blessed it (Isaiah Tate) I was a product of the crime and the city light
Drug scene but it ain't a movie like Harlem nights
My mama told me either change or you gonna lose your life
Looking at my degree I think I seen the light
When MC took me to the Chi
She said you bout to make it out it's time to wave bye, bye
5 years later I'm crying like times flies
Can't take the credit I owe it my God (B-Luv) 17 classes done in two semesters
Studying all night then forgetting to eat my breakfast
Never made the honor roll a marking period in my life
But made the deans list in the same year twice
I focused on my goals, here's what I want to do
And you could do anything through Christ who strengthens you
And with that being said I can't ignore
I owe Sallie Mae a lot but I owe God more (Isaiah Tate) Out of the state I ain't lying I seen some lonely
Days feeling dumb like the college life wasn't meant for me
Wanted to run away guess it was meant to be
Started a good work, had to see it complete
Them Pinocchio lies had in my mind
Every time I wanted to quit they motivated the grind
I did it all for the look in my mama eyes
A dreamer and I'm living amongst the clouds (B-Luv) I'm not a statistic, yeah I beat the odds
I'm young, black and educated, glory be to God
They say good things happen when you work hard
God opened a door then I got a good job
I learned a lot of things by attending college
But my relationship with God isn't based off my knowledge
So I'ma celebrate in this cap and gown
But I can't wait to graduate and receive my crown (Isaiah Tate) First grandkid with a bachelors
Educated black man but that's only a chapter
Hands high for the man who made it happen
Without Cain He was able, no Kappa
High off life but I'm on the path
Patient for the day like the sand in the hourglass
Waiting for the day that I pass and I see my Dad
In glory plus reign you can do the math (B-Luv) All hail the King is what the heavens gonna' sing
Every knee will bow, every tongue shall proclaim
For this is the day that we all been waiting for
The Lord kept His promise, we're receiving our reward
And everything I learned in them text books
Doesn't even matter I'm about to take my first look
At my savior we call Him the Father
Who gave His life so heaven could be our Alma mater Graduation day, graduation day
We are now alumni
Graduation day, graduation day
This is the moment we've been waiting for our whole lives (2x) (B. Reith) For every joy
For every tear
This is for every pain
This is for every fear
And as I look back over my life
It wasn't perfect but I made it
So let's celebrate tonight Said we made it
We made it
Yeah we made it
We made it
Yes we made it finally graduated
Yeah we made it
We made it
Oh we made it
We made it
Yes we made it finally graduated Graduation day, graduation day
We are now alumni
Graduation day, graduation day
This is the moment we've been waiting for our whole lives
Waiting for our whole lives...

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