The Gospel by B-Luv, Co Campbell

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Growth by B-Luv

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The Gospel
by B-Luv, Co Campbell

Album: Growth

Lord God you're awesome, amazing
I could count the days and
Live twice but still couldn't comprehend Your ways and
You made it so clear since the beginning of creation
You said "I am God", there is no replacement
Yea, before the earth took its shape
Yea, before sin took its place
Yea, before we became a disgrace
You determined our fate
I thank God for His grace
You are so pure, You're holy and righteous
We could never be homeboys, You are not like us
You are another
Your love is a wonder
Tired of our flesh but You sleep nor slumber
Desperate for Your spirit so I thirst and I hunger
Outgrown the faith I once had when I was younger
So now I'm in pursuit, I feel the Gospel is calling me
My heart cries out "Lord I'm giving You all of me"
I was so evil, I fell from Your grace
I threw away Your trust, look at choices I made
I know I disobeyed, I see my mistakes
Your wrath was upon me I needed to be saved
But You sit high and You look low
Low enough to see
Deep enough to forgive
Oh how You love me
My punishment was death, I should've been judged
I was the bad news but in spite of, it was love

(Co Campbell)
I am God (God)
My (my)
Salvation is free (So free)
In Him my salvation's free
With Him I have liberty
Love (love)
Joy (joy)
Peace is all in me (all in me)
In Him all things are possible
This is the Gospel (My salvation is free)
God (My salvation is free)
Man (My salvation is free)
Christ (My salvation is free)
Response (My salvation is free)
The Gospel (My salvation is free)

They waited and waited
For years it was debated
For the Messiah's arrival, descendant of David
Who would be the payment
To save us from this mayhem
For years they were patient
To be freed from enslavement
Released from the bondage, a world full of hatred
Who would be the savior to them hearts that was vacant
Whose blood was so rich
That it was strong enough to lift
The sins of the world and throw them in the pit
For generations they prophesied, prayed and believed
For a king who would stand in the gap to intercede
Wipe the slate clean
A desist and cease
Now the Father looks, I'm covered in the blood shed by He
He who is God
God in the flesh
Jesus Christ is His name, life after death
from that cross, He was feeling forsaken
God turned His back, poured out His wrath, cause He hates sin
It should have been me, dripping blood from that tree
They were my iniquities but He traded places with me
But He said "Father, into Your hands I give my spirit"
And with a deep breath it was finished
That's why He sits high
But looks low
Low enough to see
Deep enough to forgive
Oh how You love me
Jesus satisfied God's wrath and the good news was
His resurrection returned us to God's Love Tell me what have I done (done)
Look what they did to Your Son (Son)
You are a hero that can be compared to none
And I'm so thankful (thankful) yes I'm so thankful (thankful)
And He who knew no sin became it
A thief, a murderer, adulterer and rapist
But until I see my face in Your place
I'll never understand why You truly are great
The Gospel

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