Guidance by B-Luv, Da' T.R.U.T.H., TWyse, Darion Ja'Von

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Growth by B-Luv

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by B-Luv, Da' T.R.U.T.H., TWyse, Darion Ja'Von

Album: Growth

Big stage, bright lights
Hotels and booked flights
Staring out the sky view
Trying to get my thoughts right
Living for the moment hoping to never save it
My spirit's saying be humble, my flesh is saying I made it
So I, I have to deal with the inner me
'Cause one good show
Turns into an ego
Of a star
And my own success will be the one feeding me
So it's best to know who you are
And where you came from, and who influenced you
People hate to see you win but never let that ruin you
Big bro said there's many rappers but only few of you
Keep your heart pure, never change and remain true
'Cause pride can destroy us all
And believe me when I say that statement is true
There's always a warning before the fall
As ministers we miss the chance to ministered to
So I need your guidance to help me deal with
These women who approach with secret agendas
And these grown men who shake your hand
But hate your progress please talk to me cause I don't understand
So if you have some time
Guide me through, I can't continue on walking blind
I know your words can take me far 'cause wisdom is something I keep close to my heart.. You know why

(Darion Ja'Von)
I don't want to fail or make the same mistakes
Taking a chance on life and then watching it all fade away
Tonight may be my last night to watch my dreams come true
So pray my heart is ready, I need to hear from you
I need your guidance
Said I really need your guidance
I need your...

(Da' T.R.U.T.H.)
Seen a lot of things, a gang of faces
A lot of scenes, many different places
Different stages, all walks of life
I promise some days I feel like the Dark Knight
The hero and the villain
A mirror in the ceiling
One glimpse of my reflection, I'm tearing in a pillow
Cause I don't wanna build in vain
But I'm so tall cause this flesh wasn't built for fame
I think it's good that you feel the strain
And trust me B you ain't alone man I feel the same
Lil' homie it's a tight rope
Fight so hard let me give you some advice don't
Believe the hype, believe the press
cause when it all fades you will be depressed
And please ignore the heart beating in your chest
That will tell you lies and leave you in a season of regrets
Watch your doctrine and your life close
You've been called to give the people in this life hope
Shine bright, shine bright light bulbs
While you clearing out the mirrors and the white smoke
Kill the dreams of a superstar
Rap is what you do it's not who you are
You're a servant and a steward close to His heart
And this here is just food for thought

Never stick out your chest, never pop your collar
It's not about you B, it's about the Father
If people try to give you glory, kindly give it back
Never pocket none of that, 'cause that's a booby trap
See I seen it all before like running the movie back
That's why the Lord put me here to pull your suspender straps
Never to hold you back but yet to give you
See I been around the block and that's just being honest
Yeah it's great to be wise and represent truth
But at the end of the day B, be you
Be you

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