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unTITLED - Single by B-Luv

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by B-Luv, Darion Ja'Von

Album: unTITLED - Single

I am just a servant who loves to follow my leader
Yes I am a believer, I put my faith in Jesus
Yes I believe in God, Father Son and the Ghost
Reading all through the text and living out what He spoke
But I was told I wasn't good enough, same people said I would fall
But I never needed their approval, God qualifies who He calls
I became a second thought 'cause I didn't look the part
Everyone's looking for swag, but God was looking at my heart
Put this clay up on the wheel then the Potter went to work
Molding me and shaping me, loving even when it hurts
Transformed my mind now I don't even think the same
Jesus paid the debt of sin and told me I could keep the change
But this love is too good, can't keep it myself
Separation from God is eternity in Hell
He left basic instructions, I found them in the bible
God is using me where I'm needed so you can keep the title
(Darion Ja'Von) I'ma tell the world about Him, it don't matter where I'm at
God called me out of darkness and I ain't looking back
Ever since I gave my heart to Christ, my life ain't been the same
I'ma tell the world about my Savior yeah I'm unashamed
I'm good
Don't need a title I ain't tripping
Believe me I'm on a mission
I'm good
Don't need a title I ain't tripping
Believe me I'm on a mission I'm... I'm just the Master's piece working on a masterpiece
While I was lost in sin God was chasing after me
And now I find myself chasing after You
Ain't it crazy what this kind of love can do to you?
They put Jesus on the cross, nails in His palm
He died and rose again we sing it in our songs
If your brother wanted to jump off a cliff, would you let him?
So how do people depart this life but never met Him?
Yea that got you thinking, it was a good question
But Christ was crucified for sin not spiritual suggestions
I am no professor
But now class in session
You want the will of God on earth? Here's a simple lesson
God is searching for a generation who are on their knees and about that life
Worshiping the only true and living God, for Christ we live and for Christ we die
Take this message everywhere we go, spread the gospel make new disciples
Go and tell the world of his goodness, they need you, untitled Yeah and I ain't never been to seminary
But my job is to pull em' out the cemetery
And none of us are perfect, so don't trip
Jesus spilled blood where He knew you would slip
God uses ordinary people for His greatest works
So you don't need accomplishments to define your worth
The devil is a liar, this information's vital
You're important to God, you don't need a title. I'm good
Don't need no title
I'm good
Don't need no title I ain't tripping
believing me I'm on a mission
I'm good
Don't need a title I ain't tripping
believing me I'm on a mission I'm..

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