All of Me by B-Luv, Joel Jelinski

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Growth by B-Luv

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All of Me
by B-Luv, Joel Jelinski

Album: Growth

The devil tried to bury me alive, I rose like Lazarus
Got back in the good book then I passed the test
This is ministry I'm not tryin to be the best
Therefore I just pick up the mic and let Christ handle the rest
I'm focused on His glory baby that's my purpose
The sweat's off my face I got no time to be nervous
I did my homework homie now I'm living them verses
I was praying backstage and the devil heard it
So you know it's going to be some drama tonight
But I'm in this 'til the day I flat line 'cause I'm ready to fight
And I can't see the day when I'm not living for Him
I'm deep in His word it shows through the pad and the pen
Let the devil know I'm at it again
And I didn't come here to try my best fam, I came to win
Get your fists up don't be ashamed
'Cause tonight we're going to make the enemy mad and bless His name
Lets go! I'm giving You all of me
Every time that they counted me out
I gave 'em something else to talk about
I'm giving You, I'm giving You all of me
I never ran and that won't change today
Turn me up I got something to say
I'm giving You all of me
The devil thought he had me but I got away
Brand new life, brand new day
I'm giving You all of me
Nothing else will ever get in my way
I can proudly tell Jesus
I'm giving You all of me I pray you understand these just aren't lyrics that I'm spitting
These are the thoughts coming from a heart of a true Christian
I'm as real as they come, my music is my living
Plus I didn't have to throw jeans on to know my true religion
I'm a man of integrity and I know it's not hard to see
Jesus is all I got, He lives in the heart of me
Honestly been a long time coming but I'm on two feet
Dying daily so every day it's a new me
I was this close to my death
But Christ put the chair back under my feet and took the rope off my neck
That just let me know who ordered my steps
And for that I owe You my life and I will cry out yes
See I'm blessed but I have scars that represent my pain
And I still serve Christ Jesus the Lamb who was slain
And it's so true Christ is gaining so much fame
But this world is still living the same we need to change The preacher put his hand over my Caesar
I opened my mouth, I cried out "Father I believe You!"
My mother told me "you need Jesus"
I let him be my doctor He performed an open heart procedure
I don't do this for my leisure
I'm trying to be an example to my friends but this generation is wild
'Cause these Christians think if they throw a condom on before they commit the sin that they are still living the lifestyle
When I step on this stage I pray they see You
And not just a rapper let my heart be see through
A transparent man
The Christian in the crew
trying to do my best, my Dad got a courtside view
Which means He's watching me
I pray that He is pleased
Integrity is the man that we never get to see
'Cause when the doors are closed and there's no eyewitness
We tend to forget the One we claimed we are living for
I'm just trying to keep it real, bring light to the dark
The truth is our sins are like oil spills
Addictions can be broken if we just trust God
But how can you serve Him with lukewarm iPods?
You can't be faithful if your actions prove that you cheat
And love is more than a word, your heart shows what you speak
As I minister to you, I minister to me
So before they try to expose, I'm giving You all of me I'm giving You all of me

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