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Growth by B-Luv

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Album: Growth

(A. Natural)
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Will I rise or will I fall?
Turn the lights on, let me see
If this reflection's really me
Sometimes it feels like if you ain't sign to Reach, most artists, blogs and DJ's won't even speak
It's a shame in our genre we feel the need to compete
With one another, don't we got the same goal to reach?
We put bodies of work together just to be critiqued
As not living up to those labeled as the elite
And as soon as a top artist cosigns you
Those same people act like they've always been behind you
It seems you're nobody until somebody says you are
And success only exposes who you truly are
That's why I refuse to be the artist to treat other artists like I don't remember how I got on
I remember the pain, I remember the tears
But the moment helped me grow into the man that you hear
My overnight success took a couple of years
That's why I never take for granted this God given platform
I had to learn to be confident through criticism
And keep submitting music even if they weren't listening
But if I never got a response or an opinion
I understand that I still have a greater mission
They're playing my music over in Belize
Which gives me even greater reason to stay on my knees
'Cause success, it will never come true
'Til God can take your talent where your character can keep you
Fear It's 5 o'clock in the morning, I'm wide awake and I can't sleep
The past few nights haven't been the same, I've been thinking about my dreams
Will I fail again or will I succeed?
I guess that's something time will tell
Faith is believing what you can't see
So my confidence hasn't been so well
These stories that my pen tell
Are just moments of my intellect, but to show you that I'm far from perfect, we all fall short and still sin well
So this growth here is just progress I titled my album knowing
That maturity is a process and daily I am growing
Hold up
Can I be honest?
I feared releasing this project
So I spent years trying to perfect the same album I thought nobody wanted
Comparing myself to others, built jealousy in my heart
Complaining 'bout where I am 'cause I'm seeing where they are
But what if, this album just boxes in my closet
I guess I'll never know 'til I get the courage to drop it
So if you are listening I just want to say
Thank you for believing in me, I pray it's the worth the wait Reflections Look how far we have come
Should've gave up but we made it
Enemy tried to kill me but God wasn't done Now look what we've created
A masterpiece before the Master's feet, now it's time for celebration
Black tux's are in order, I paid a lot for these life lessons
So it's only right that I'm adorned in Louis the 9th and a gold watch that my wife bought for the time invested
Black band on my left hand
My father's son is grown man
Read Jeremiah 29 when I was 11, now I'm 24 living out God's plans growth
Been through a lot over the past year, and there's so much more I have to learn
Had some great leaders invest wisdom into me, and now it's time for their return
Everything I earned
Is a result of the God I serve and a couple years of hard work
And I refuse to let anyone come in between or destroy what we built because I know how much it's worth
I learned that everyone that says congrats isn't celebrating where you are
So I gotta protect my wife, family, and ministry and above all else guard my heart
You'll never be a target if you're not a threat
And I feel I'm on enemy's radar
But I scream out yes cause I got faith in Jesus, do I need to say more?
The same God that was there before the storm will be there when it's all done
So I can lift my hands in victory right now 'cause the battle's already been won
So I say Hallelujah Father You are great and You're worthy of my worship
And no matter what I'm going through in this life Father You deserve this
I cried out for You many of nights wondering if You ever heard my prayers
I should've gave up, I should've broke down but I looked up and You're right there
My provider, my way maker
You're my healer, you're my savior
And I said it before and I'll say it again, there is nobody greater
My hero, my deliverer, my everything, my creator
I get speechless when it comes to You, because Father You're simply amazing
You are God, and that's all that I need to know
And everything that I went through, it was for my growth

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