Don't Fall by B. Cooper, Chad Jones, Canon, Jay Cabassa

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The Introduction by B. Cooper

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Don't Fall
by B. Cooper, Chad Jones, Canon, Jay Cabassa

Album: The Introduction

Verse 1: Chad Jones
Keep Up
B. Cooper, what up my dude!
How you livin'? You part of this crew!
Tell me how you feelin'; do you feel different?
I know you been making some moves
Don't cheese for the respect, 
Treat it like a Family Dollar v-neck, that's a reject
Until you gotta it like a reflex
We gone be checkin' you on it to survey all the feedback
Bruh really what I'm saying
Pride is a monster, Ogres have layers
No pride is a Dragon
And a Dragon have lairs
It's buried deep within and you gone have to slay it, Jones!
Take it from me, tryna make a mountain top
Standin' on a soapbox, felt like the Himalayas!
I was confused, honest and true
My heart wasn't matching the things I was saying
Noah got drunk on his own grapes
That's a lesson that I learned in the wrong ways
If I could save the world with my own faith
I would still blow it all for my showcase
I would build my tower, build my name
I know you'd do the same cuz it's hard by yourself
Just keep it one thousand, we get it, we get it
And never be ashamed we live it, we live it

Chorus: Jay Cabassa
Life got me trying to climb this journey to the mountain top
But I'ma persevere though the tears moving on I'm never gonna stop
New Horizon surround me
I'm standing in awe
As I'm rising higher
I try not to fall

Verse 2: Canon
I told my lil homie, I'll make my own beats
Since no one back then would try giving me chances to spit on that heat
Started rapping on stages in Chi Town cause Phil Jack would give me my chances
Not only I took it but flipped what I had and then made some enhancements
Got noticed by others, became my own artist then started my sound
Picked up by reflection then starting investing my work and my talent by holding it down
No need for no crown, ain't no second guessing
This industry will have you keep jumping through hoop after hoop just to keep an impression
It's a lot of Pharisees in our culture
Steady poking and pointing them fingers at your shows and criticizing
The art and ability you show em
They gonna try to get attention when writing on your twitter
The same some ones loving you will turn away whenever you make mistake in life
But don't turn bitter
You ain't gotta pour liquor
You ain't gotta trip up
Some of em a never understand your position
Cuz it'll be 10 percent of your following who gone hate whatever you give em
And that's real talk, I been through that in my life
You gone say 100 things you gone wanna take away but by that time they gone judge yo life
This that real talk


Verse 3: B. Cooper
I appreciate it, I guess I don't know what I've stepped into
Just chasing my dream, still stacking up vegetables
In a grocery store, 9 to 5, I ain't got time to mess with you
Break time, I'm writing lines, hope the back of this napkin is legible
But I never knew, what to expect
Started off, wanted to be the best
Then I got this feeling inside my chest
I could care less if I see a check
Spent more time trying to leave the pain
Whole mindset got rearranged
More than raps, and beats that bang
I focused on trying to bring a change
And that's when it all happened
Years of hard work, sweat, tears, that had been trapped in
Disappeared quick, no magic carpets, Aladdin
Just me, myself, and I, and a God that taught me compassion
And once I seen his face and
I understood his grace then
There's nothing you could say
That would change the ground I stand on or the place I put my faith in

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