My Heart by B. Cooper, John Givez

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The Introduction by B. Cooper

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My Heart
by B. Cooper, John Givez

Album: The Introduction

Verse 1: B. Cooper
Open my eyes, there's another day in front of me
Never believed the lie you can be what you wanna be
Until it came true, now my past is haunting me
Took my breath away, honestly I just wanna breathe
Never gonna leave, this dream I've had for decades
Even If I have to quit my job to chase it making less pay
I'ma follow it like a social network
Forget about my net worth, that's when I make my best work
When I sit back, let that thing inside my chest work
And show the whole world I made it from out the desk work
Graduated from a cashier, had fear
But I'ma treat now like it's my last year
That means, no more sleeping on my purpose
I gotta wake up, no more dreaming without working
There's a reason I'm here, I refuse to being worthless
I've gotta get creative, write these 16's in cursive
Words connected, murder every verse
And show the whole world that it was worth it

Verse 2: John Givez
Partially functional, half of me is comfortable
Other half is close to the cliff
I must be honest that rhyme is the realest I never writ
I mean wrote
How many times I gotta swallow my spit, before I choke?
(*cough* Lord forgive me for all my sins)
Now I'm back with a lil' more passion, in a lil' more passive, aggressive fashion
I'm certain that my assertiveness is something for the masses
But hold up let me unmask it, mastered the art of plastering paint on a wall of shame
See the coughing was empty casket, you ain't get that
You might have to run this here back
One day you gonna hit that, pip pip pap
Chasing my dreams or dreams chasing me
I don't want the finer things if it means chasing greed
Or days chasing days, or chains making chains
Let me get down on my knees & pray to God to make a change
I'll tell the world
Lil' boys & girls
That the light is always brighter than diamonds & pearls
I got it...
That's my heart

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