Organized Religion by Beautiful Eulogy, Jackie Hill, Eshon Burgundy

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Organized Religion
by Beautiful Eulogy, Jackie Hill, Eshon Burgundy

Album: Instruments of Mercy

This side of my face, makes a lot of mistakes
Ear hears what it wants, when it don't it longs for the day
When it can't, won't, imitate, the fickle state of the grave
Grace on my ears, def' death, try'na raise up
Can't, listen to friends with, bitterness in their lyrics
Wickedness try'na tempt with
Got a heart with a mind that don't mine being wicked
So my heart tell my mind tell my ears better mind it's business
Not a concept this is,
Constant science of organized religion gotta listen if you wanna hear it

They say
Speak up boy, cat got your tongue
But I tend to play it dumb in an attempt to run from
Because when I speak, the heart leaks
And you get a brief peek deep inside to see where it comes from
Because here's the deal, the tongue is small
But still it's strong enough to curse or kill
Destroy or build, sink or steer a ship
Lift up a man, cause a person to trip, hurt or heal
Spouting and arousing, rabble-rousing
Sounding deep but drowning
Killing everyone around me
I need to put a muzzle on my mouth
To avoid everything coming out going south
I mock men, and patronize
Organize lies but it's all disguised
My speech is pathetic, instead of religious rhetoric
God give me a better phonetic etiquette

With these hands, I build or destroy
Become a doctor or a chef or possibly a corner boy
Who handle things, hand full of rings, neck full of chains
Might get jammed up or get handcuffed for throwing my hands for the set I claim
Could be a fist, or a finger in the middle of this circumference
But it's all contingent on what my heart pumps into it
Could be a handshake, better yet man it could be a peace sign
Or it could be the middle of the night, flashing lights, police yelling can they see my hands

Oh yes your Eye-ness, I will obey what you say and chase your craving
Eye was misbehaving, overdosed and choked I need the Eye-mlich
Eye candy ent-eye-cing it's eye-cing on the cake
Whatever I see my eyes rate, if I'm unsatisfied I'm irate
Look down that's when my eyes break, deep down I know my eyes are sick
Eye-dols in my heart, I stab myself in the back when my eyes pick
There's a v-eye-ris in my iris, eye was blinded, close my eye lids
See my Savior laying down His righteous life and saying "eye forgive"

Organize, organize, organize me
If You have my heart then You have every part of me
What I hear, what I say, what I feel, what I see
If You have my heart then You have every part of me

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Just beautifully tight! The relationship between our relationship with God, in respect of the relationship between our heart and ears, mouth, body (hands) and eyes. Great concept and execution. - Mar 2014

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