Picking up the Pieces by Believin Stephen, Average Joe

Song Lyrics

Picking up the Pieces
by Believin Stephen, Average Joe

Album: Battling Unbelief

Scratches by DJ Average Joe
Sample from Thirstin Howell III

"The pain it won't go away"
"Why it hurt like this? It hurts like this!"

First Verse

I feel confused, it's true and also feel perplexed
I feel so used, I do, and also feel depressed
It is through, who knew I'd be getting so vexed
I did pursue you approved, but now it is a mess
I'm tryna view from your shoes and show you that respect
Looking for clues as I move to make some points connect
All the lies and times you didn't tell me the truth
Reside inside my mind, but I fell in love with you
I was skeptical but still wanted to believe
You were telling the truth I got so deceived
I was betrayed, feel dismay the pain won't go away
And so I pray everyday God help me to sustain
We were looking at rings thought you would be my wife
I am hurt and it stings, feeling so much strife
Love is tricky, yea love is risky
That's why wisdom says don't fall in love too quickly

Hook by Average Joe (Repeated 2x)
My heart is broke
But my God gives hope

Second Verse

When we were together I was elated
I loved the time we spent with each other when we dated
Said, "I love you" everyday, but did she fake it?
My heart isn't broken, it's been cre-mated
Yea burning in ashes so I urgently ask this
Can Jesus Christ relate? He took thirty-nine lashes
I'm sick of the games and I'm tired of nonsense
I'm sick of the pain and I'm tryin to stop this
Is this something on my own that I can accomplish?
Naw I need help, that's something I highly acknowledge
I look to Christ, he was a man acquainted with grief
His yoke is easy, burden light, He came to give peace
He was denied by Peter, he was betrayed by Judas
So I know He can relate and help me get through this
Wanna respond like Joseph, wanna respond like Jesus
This ain't easy cause my heart is shattered into pieces

Hook by Average Joe (Repeated 2x)
My heart is broke
But my God gives hope

Third Verse

In the Word it says hope deferred makes the heart sick
Sometimes I feel like Job, it's like I'm Satan's target
But the Lord gives and He also takes away
I know He'll answer my cries, so I wait and pray
I pray for your heart, and also pray for mine
I pray for peace and healing, may His grace provide
He closed the door when I never wanted it to shut
He's working this for good, in His promises I trust
I asked the Lord to search my heart and He showed me a rival
I wanted it so bad I know that it became an idol
Throughout all this, I can't say I've been a blameless friend
Plus I've sinned against God, I've done the same to Him
Although my sins are many, I've done wicked plenty
I've betrayed God, yet He forgives and cleanse me
I feel so dissed too, but I know what is true
Despite all of that know I do forgive you

Hook by Average Joe (Repeated 2x)
My heart is broke
But my God gives hope

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