He Has Made Me Clean by Believin Stephen, Martay

Song Lyrics

He Has Made Me Clean
by Believin Stephen, Martay

Album: Battling Unbelief

Please Jesus, make me clean (Sample from R.C. Sproul sermon courtesy of Ligonier Ministries)

First Verse
I was told that cats were rude and you that hurt my pride
But God changed my attitude, cleansed me just like peroxide
I don't wanna battle dudes, all they do is worship lies
I just wanna rap for you, I'm lovin how you serve your bride
You said all I have to do, is repent and believe
So I give you gratitude, thank ya Father you sent your seed
I used to reject the truth, I'm not worthy less than poop
I was cynical, critical then I had to go collect the proof
How could I have questioned you? You called me effectual
Search my heart, inspect the fruit, help me to accept reproof
I am sinful check the root, help me to address the youth
I praise you God all blessings due, I eat your Word, your text my food
I know that these peeps are hurtin, so I'm preachin cause it's urgent
You cleansed me just like detergent, so I weep I need to worship
I am evil should be burnin, I fall often but He's workin
He purges hearts he's the surgeon, took God's wrath go see the curtain!

Hook- feat. Martay
You have made me clean (drawn out) 4x
Jesus...lamb of God...worthy is your name!! 2x

Second Verse

I'm tryin to watch my mouth, sorta like a hygenist
So Lord please wash it out, sorta like my dentist
I was with the enemy, and was sick with leprosy
Not listenin my tendancy, was livin in this jeopardy
Christ was hit remembered me, was killed for all my treachery
He's givin me my destiny to give out this legacy!
I am weak but you are strong, I sin deep I know I am wrong
So now I can get in free, cuz Christ paid my cover charge!
Christ was meek but He's strong, I am needy , hear my song
Jesus is the remedy, best believe I'm loving God
I am searchin for the quote, it's my purpose to promote
Jesus Christ, He gives life, cleansed me like Murphy's Oil Soap
I feel like I'm worse than pagan, I fell into fornication
And also the porn was blatant, there's much more I could be sayin
I worship, the Lord is patient, He's loves me he's surely gracious
That's why I adore his greatness, (so) keep me low subordination

Hook- feat. Martay
You have made me clean (drawn out) 4x
Jesus...lamb of God...worthy is your name!! 2x

Third Verse

There's battles inside, I'm battling pride, I'm battling lies, askin Him WHY?!
The battle is tough, I'm battling lust, I have to just trust that God is enough
If I dwell on His word, the devil were swerve, plus be up I'm in fellowship sir
It's a pleasure to serve, In hell I should burn, because I've been rebellious since birth
I fight but I'm flawed, I'm trying so hard, keep pressin on despite all the odds
I'm striving for God with my time and my thoughts, plus I wanna delight in His law
I'm dirty, unworthy, by faith I'm redeemed, I have been purchased now play for His team
His mercy is surely now making me clean, I'm so undeserving, He's faithful to me!
To battle unbelief we must repent on the daily
We sin every single day so often it is crazy
Guilt and shame will fill my brain, if I don't confess my sins
I'd feel insane, but will I change? Thank God he is cleansing them
I've been forgiven for all my sinning was wrong but repented
No longer tormented,
a marvelous feeling cuz God's not condemning it's awesome I'm living but longin for heaven
Obviously winning, you got to be kidding, I don't know how God could call us his children
And offer us friendship, and promise fulfillment, when all we have done has been lawless and wicked

Hook- feat. Martay
You have made me clean (drawn out) 4x
Jesus...lamb of God...worthy is your name!! 2x

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