Battle Unbelief by Believin Stephen, Timothy Brindle

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Battle Unbelief
by Believin Stephen, Timothy Brindle

Album: Battling Unbelief

Verse 1
Believin Stephen (8 bars)
Call this battle rap cause I battle unbelief
Wars inside my mind, and I'm asking God for peace
I have some victories but feel wack in my defeats
Yea wack in my defeats, not strong, I actually am weak
(So) will I flee temptation, or will I feed the craving
I'm really needing patience, (cuz) it's not easy waiting (punch)
I know I'm seeming anxious, I'm grieved and kinda hate this
Will I be enslaved in or will I seek His greatness?

Timothy Brindle (8 bars)
I can relate to your struggles, temptation and troubles
Weariness, tears they drip, makin' a puddle
Although temptations are plaguing your soul,
Recall that we don't face them alone,
The same as our brothers on the face of the globe,
Not to mention all the saints from of old:
Check Hebrews 11, we see they were tested
But hoped in Yahweh, that He'd resurrect them!

Believin Stephen (4 bars)
Faith is having hope even if we've never seen
Trusting God's promises as people he redeemed
Check Hebrews 11 if you don't know what I mean
God's faithful in our trials is the motif and the theme

Timothy Brindle (4 bars)
Yeah that Re-Occuring Theme is blatant:
Repeated in Scripture (i.e.) Re-Capitulation
Just like Adam we see them in probation
Cuz Yahweh's calling is a season of temptation!!!

Hook 1: (Repeated 2x )
Battle Unbelief- cuz all sin's a fable
Battle Unbelief- it's promise is fake, yall!
Battle Unbelief-cuz YaHWeH is Faithful
Battle Unbelief- since God doesn't change, BOL!!!

Verse 2

Timothy starts (breaks down Hebrews 11 verses 4-22)- 12 bars

Sure Abel had to battle unbelief
His Dad was sinful Adam, and he's the son of Eve
But to Yahweh He brings his offering
By faith that God would cover all his sin
Enoch is next to list—and he's redeemed
By the promise of Genesis 3:15
Escaped from death, ascended to the Father
Though the world mocked Noah he was rescued from the water
And though Abraham was impotent
And barren Sarah couldn't give him a kid
God resurrected her womb, and if Abe kills Isaac He'd Resurrect from the tomb
Abraham stood on Canaan and, yet knew it foreshadowed New Creation Land
Likewise Isaac, Jacob, Joseph
Trusted God to raise them through the Greater Moses!

Stephen ends (breaks down Hebrews 11 verses 23-40)
Moses resisted the pleasures of Egypt
He looked to the reward cause his treasure was Jesus
Rather than give in, instead was mistreated
Sprinkled the blood, so that death wouldn't meet them
Crossed the Red Sea, but Pharaoh- No!
Rahab told the spies where to go
By faith the people marched very slow
And Then walls fell at Jericho
David conquered a giant, mocked by defiance
By faith Daniel was stopping the lions
Watch in the fire, (Messiah) or Son of God was beside em
Trusted the promise that God wasn't lying
Some tortured, suffered mocking and flogging
Made strong out of weakness and walked in their doctrine
They came from the dust, same as with us
Battled unbelief, but by faith they were just

Verse 3
Taking it back to Christ:

All these saints walked our path as well
And had the struggles that we have ourselves
But the faith that this passage tells
Is pointing to Jesus in (Hebrews) chapter 12:
1st and 2nd verse,
the Second Person of the Trinity since He stepped on earth
Endured temptation then paid for sin
Then Trusted God to raise Him as the David King!

(Yea) he can sympathize with our weaknesses
Since He was tried but defeated sin
He was tempted so He can identify
He was obedient, even when sent to die!
In Gethsemene he was tempted immeasurably
Unlike Adam, didn't sin, check his pedigree
He left a legacy, he's actually a beast!
Let's go to his throne as we battle unbelief!

Hook 1: (repeated 2x)
Battle Unbelief- cuz all sin's a fable
Battle Unbelief- it's promise is fake, yall!
Battle Unbelief-cuz YaHWeH is Faithful
Battle Unbelief- since God doesn't change, BOL!!!

Bridge (repeated 2x)
Battle Unbelief- cuz he saved our soul
Battle Unbelief- like the saints of old
Battle Unbelief-with a faith that's bold
Battle Unbelief- let's take our scrolls

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