Left Right by BenJah, Beckah Shae, Trip Lee

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Vanity Fare by BenJah

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Left Right
by BenJah, Beckah Shae, Trip Lee

Album: Vanity Fare
by BenJah, Beckah Shae, Trip Lee

I'm so sick of my mind running, here I'm just running to You.
Lord I know, want i want 2 do is grow..(ooohh)
I'm just sick of my mind runnin', here I'm just runnin 2 You.
Lord i know, You're always in control..(ooohh)

Verse 2
Ooops! It always happens when I'm thinkin too much.
I gotta stop, give it to You and just trust
Coz without You I see things all wrong
Gotta put put put my love glasses on
(Uuuu) It's always better when I'm in Your will
In Your presence, in Your arms and when I'm still
More of You, less of me,
Take take it off, I surrender...set me free.

Take my negativity, take my doubt in mind
And just give me true faith like a child inside of me (inside of me)

Take me up down, anywhere You want,
I'm just along for the ride.
I know that You've already got this planned
(yeah) and it's all in Your hands.
Take me left right, anywhere You want,
I'm just along for the ride.
I know that You've already got this planned, yeah
(yessir) and my life's in Your hands....

Now they can turn the lights real low bt you can sew my eyes closed
But I still got places to go.
I'm runnin' and I'm sayin', "Is He the one takin' me bro?"
He took the wheel hommie, I ain't never no more.
(c'mon) Now I ain't sayin' you ain't gotta say it all,
I'm chasin' no matter where it's taking me, dawg
That's why I run the race, yeah I was breaking His laws,
But He was erasing my flaws, and for a family cause.
(yessir) Even though my heart be tellin' me to run away sometimes (sometimes)
Even though my life hasn't had a grain of sunshine (sunshine)
Everyday is a fight and my heart is a frontline,
Lord help me to trust 'cuz when I do that I'm - fine.

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