Grizz by BenJah, God's Servant, Canon

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Vanity Fare by BenJah

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by BenJah, God's Servant, Canon

Album: Vanity Fare

Verse 1:
My dreads long, they turning blonde, been at the beach all day
My skin dark, cuz I'm tatted up, and most of them say I'm crazy
I don't really care because, I walk the rocky way
And all these things don't mean a thing, like vapors fade away Y'all need to read the word thats always set the captives free But we all just like the Israelites, we never trust the king
We try to buy our joy it always ends so tragically
You can't afford to loose your soul chasing vanity
We putting' work in, we don't always see return
We still working, because its not for us to earn
That's why
We be on that Grizzly that's why we always busy
Fly around the world and back thats why we stain dizzy
Whoa, we on that Grizzly for new Jeru city we staying on the Grizzly

Verse 2:
Working, working, but tryna grow in my serving
Striving with all of His energy, that He has powerfully worked in
I'm a servant, I'm a slave ya'll, no holidays and no days off Knowing how much I fail, man, I'm really just grateful I haven't been laid off
And I won't be, no pink slips, no fears that I'll get replaced
For the God who had bought me, gots me (yeah)
And He run this thing by grace
And I never could've earned me such a privilege, so as to represent the Lord
So we're working hard, like His servant are, but our aims set at your joy!
Not chasing after them racks (naw)
Or to see these spots get packed out
But to spread the fame of the God who reigns
He's first so we gotta get last now
Got news that we really got to pass out
But make sure that it's in your memories
Who sows and waters ain't nothing!
It's the Lord alone who gives increase

Verse 3:
I Work till it ain't no light bruh
In my heart my soul
My fight bruh
This kid will cuddi yo days, I reach my peak like day and night bruh
High life that's my life what?
I get high no piff no light what?
I'll work all day in this life on a 100 but the work I do they don't like bruh
This life ain't a route for no cowards who clock in clock out they're hours
Ain't about building yo name with powers, shut yo babel, drop yo tower
Bump yo trophies bump them flowers
You get loud, brotha we get louder
This that work that a honor our God who reigns on clouds even they get showered
Living where the followers are following the calling of the father tryna take a little light to the hearts
And they'll take the truth where they lock down where them Christian folk a get shot down
Aye Leadership ain't no top 5 Persecution no top 5
Sin a make you not lay it down so chop the pride, downsize
Go head put yo spine on it
And Benjah got my back up on this
We got that work that a
Make you holler
Aye Father help me I'm done Don't we?
Working but this that outflow
Our salvation poured out so
Man I used to work in them long seasons for them wrong reasons but I found hope while I'm

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