Flowin' by BenJah, J'son, Eshon Burgundy

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Vanity Fare by BenJah

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by BenJah, J'son, Eshon Burgundy

Album: Vanity Fare

Verse 1:
Always stressing, always questioning
Seems like its taking so...
Long I'm always in a hurry and my heart breaks when my plans fall through
O Lord I know you hear my cry, and all my desires
I guess I'm not ready cause
Many are the plans of man but your purpose will prevail

You know I always hear Him say
Enjoy the journey and embrace it
Don't ask if we're there yet
Just enjoy the ride and be patient

Flowing flowing we got a long way to go
Don't get discouraged, look beyond the rocky road
Flowing flowing let the Spirit set the pace
Don't go your own way, look to-the-final destination
Game tight, no matter where we go I lay my life down for this, new Jeru I'm focused 2x

Post 10 and 2 lets go

Verse 2:
I been yes I been I know, living like He ain't sovereign and so Instead of me flowing and flowing, I follow his guidance and go I beat to my own drum that I hurt you, when you want now but you won't now
Like patience ain't a virtue
Look, I know what I want but I know what I need
Instead of me steering the wheel I should follow His lead
I'm up in His kingdom I know I should live by His standard
Be lead by the spirit the ghost should be steering you should see me whipping a phantom
But look, man that's so hard but you know what
When it's so tough and that road rocky, I fall down but you show up
Wait hold up
You ever have it's pain so deep you feel you could taste it
You want to give in, instead of endure, because you don't feel like you'll make it I am there, I been there, but that is no reason to fold up If
He is my rock and He is my fortress, then I can trust He will hold up
But I know now it's a tough thing, when I should be flowing and flowing Instead of me trying to swim upstream

Verse 3:
The Holy Spirit leads us into all truth
Feeds us first from a fetus
Until we leave this earth in sharp suits
From the footprint of my Adidas to my waves I'm soaked all through
The devil Catch us flowing in living water and start throwing harpoons
And it might catch me but won't death me and the allowance is only to test me
I'm defiant with modern science if it's non compliant to my ESV All I'm listening for is the voice of the many rivers
Making mental notes of what He spoke I'm taking plenty pictures
Give me scripture give me scripture keep the facts just give me scripture hold it back until He delivers then bring it back and tell me how he did it
Heart might be going a mile a minute
Hard to see like the impala tinted
But it's gone be what it's gone be
Either way I'ma be free if I repented

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