It Takes a Village by Bizzle, Jin, Sho Baraka, V. Rose

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Well Wishes by Bizzle

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It Takes a Village
by Bizzle, Jin, Sho Baraka, V. Rose

Album: Well Wishes

Verse 1 - Jin
I still remember what she said to me
I check the test it's positive I'm pregnant B
Wish I was around more during her pregnancy
Ain't no accident though we planned this legacy
So much love for this child man he got it good
Got my act together like any loving father would
All it took was a touch used to never care
Now I've never cared this much welcome to father hood
Yeah things will never be the same
Safe to say I was blind when I came into the game
Saw the riches and the fame not here just to entertain
God gave me a chance it's more than just a name
All the damage I've done can it be redeemed
For the sake of my son is what I often dream
To you I'm just a rapper that's daddy on the screen
Today he's just an infant tomorrow he's a teen

Hook - V. Rose
In the blink of an eye
They crawl they walk they run
They hurt they heal they smile
They could be yours or mine
It takes a village to raise a King
It take a village to raise a Queen
But the village is you and me
Yeah the village is you and me

Verse 2 - Bizzle
I never knew a la la la a love like this
Lord you love me more than I love my kids
And I die for 'em I kill for 'em if the village
Get hot then christian or not I'd pop steel for 'em
But what are we to do when the village dishing help stop
Caring and they all start fending for they self
And one'll poison us all to get a little wealth
Feel like everybody living in this village is for sale
Murder the next man for the ticket outta hell
For that Rolex band see the pigeon on a scale
And sell it to a sucka that you don't see is a brother
Or pitch it to a fiend that you don't see is a mother
And kids on the block see you looking like you winning
Cause they know what you whip in and they know how you did it
And if it ain't your problem homie who's is it
The parents yep and the village


Verse 3 - Sho Baraka
My son never picked the flower before it blooms
Evacuate the room before you hear the tick boom
It's better to wonder in the desert then to live in pharaohs tomb
Cause out the womb they just teach to get wealth and consume
Wear the jewels don't let the jewels wear you
Down a thorn makes a more beautiful crown
Listen never let a title define your purpose
Reverse it we need more Kings to live like servants
Always show proper respect to your leaders
Only bow down to Jesus keep your eye on Cesar
Cause they live backwards so we live forward
We live off the verses even after the chorus
Get it that means stick to the book
A man who earns and never gives is a sophisticated crook
Yeah keep the words from the chief
The lion has come the village it desires to eat


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