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Well Wishes by Bizzle

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Learn Today
by Bizzle, Mouthpi3ce, Sevin

Album: Well Wishes

Verse 1 - Bizzle
Whoa now it's about to go down
Tell the adversary we ready for the showdown
Never be a sell out cause we already souled out
We locked loaded we ridin' and ready for the blowout (switch)
I bet you love it if I say I got 100 cars
Or how they stupid songs we be going dummy hard
Say the flows bananas you got 'em goin' ape
Then end with a punchline that say I spit monkey bars (switch)
Bizzle off the Bible frikin' homicidal
Death to the flesh pitch him of the Eiffel
Lifted off the light ticking off my rival
Scripture loaded finna get to goin' then licking off the rifle (switch)
God over money homie you already know ain't no mo'
Gettin' ready fo' the war no mo' cause it's already on
We giving Christ to the block really whether you like it or not
We still finna run up in the spot giving glory to God no one dead or alive can make us stop (switch)
I'm sippin' that water livin' that life
We finna go harder then everyone that's before we inna dark givin' 'em light
Delivering lyricism that'll get up in 'em put a spark to they heart of ice
Death put in dark arts let 'em work hit 'em with a hard bar when they bite (switch)
G.O.M. my team we glow inna dark high beam
Like Noah inna ark I keep tryna get 'em inna boat like me
But they say we the whack side but I know a hunned other christian rappers
That'a put a foot up in they backside better act right

Hook - Bizzle
Tell 'em tell 'em we ready for whatever
Pedal to the metal heavy metal for the devil
And we right here we ain't goin' no where dawg
You thought christian rap was whack that was your bad dawg (what he say)
You gon' learn today (aye) you gon' learn today (aye)
You thought christian rap was soft you gon' learn today (aye)
You gon' learn today (aye) you gon' learn today (aye)
You gon' learn today (aye) you gon' learn today

Verse 2 - Mouthpi3ce
You gon' learn today this here like a military murder case
Y'all hallucinating off that purple haze burning hate
Servin' ye tryna murder me in front of circle cake
Show your face y'all got Urkel ways rubber vertebrates
Straight from Atlanta home of the brave it was written
Turn the page some of y'all showin' y'all age grow up (man y'all need to grow up)
Pick a time and location I bet we show up
I'm sick of Satan sick of these artist look how I throw up (switch)
Get the light switch flip the lights off keep the mic on
Get the mic-phone like a python rep Christ throne got a lil' warning
You quite grown running your mouth like your tongue got a pair from Nike's on
It's a fights song then I'm ready for war like a sight gone better yet in my product
I'm Tyson better yet I'm Mayweather may never see ends to my record
Undefeated defeated my ego Lord I need to check it
For the record I'm all in for me it's a callin'
For some of you ballin' messin' just flatten your Spalding


Verse 3 - Sevin
Now what sonny what the hold up we goin' total dummy
And it's funkier then a drunken bum tryna unroll a mummy
The flow I'm comin' wit is so sick when I spit my nose get runny
And fo' the Son we get it jumpin' just like a bowl of bunnies
To this whackness time to take the trash out ??? till we pass out
Better yet keep it actin' like a trap house keep it real or keep it rockin' like a ???
We go in we don't back out Ye Ye Yeshua didn't tap out
It's like backtrackin' when we max out I'm Sevin never will I crap out
So rescue me Father keep on showing me to the depths of the water
And elevate me to a heavenly quota so I can receive You in every order
Could never be bored of You every part of You's better then anything I've ever thought of
If I pass the test then bless Your Honor so I can meet death as a present day martyr
So just admit it and look at all the mess I spittin'
We gotta be the best I'm wit it simply ??? game is ridiculous plus we bless God wit it
Maybe they ain't rap to tight or they hat's to tight ??? fitted
H.O.G.M.O.B. and the west ?? get it if Satan don't like it then yes I did it

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