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Tough Love & Parables by Bizzle

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God Over Money
by Bizzle

Album: Tough Love & Parables

Verse 1: Bizzle
Its Bizzle, consider me a G.O.M'er
We the team, Christ be the King forever
They sell greed as need but we know better
Tell the enemy that he can get an E for effort
I know you got bills dawg but we all got em'
And dat don't stop ya'll from hitting the mall shopping
So you break the law to get what you can't afford
Cuz' the latest song said you're nothing unless ya'll got it
That's what I call bondage, and I'm free from it
I mean I need money, but I don't need money
Cuz' understand that when the famine hits and no one will sell their food
These people will see they can't eat money

Hook: Bizzle
I am G.O.M'er
Courtesy of G.O.D forever
It's God over money and money over nothing
It only got the power that you give it when you love it
It's just paper can't you see it's changed us from now on
I'm putting God over money
I put God over money

Verse 2: Bizzle
Uhhh, so tell me what you grind for
Little piece of paper that you live and you die for
Put your soul, freedom, and your life on a line for
But it's time to quit living life in a blind fold
They got you ready to murder your brethren
For a dollar that it only cost them 4 cent to print
It's evident we need help but the questions is
Will you serve a living God or a dead president?
See the value has never been the paper
The value is in the resource that you pay for
Cuz' if that same resource was made free to you
It would literally destroy what cash means to you
So how you risk your life for a paper dollar?
When as long as you have a life you can make a dollar
But all the money in the world can't make a life
Get your money but keep God first and make it right


Verse 3: Bizzle
Uh, go ahead break the money curse
Put God at the top and stop putting money first
Putting cash first got a bunch of us up in hearse'
Leaving us with paper that won't cover up the hurt
Somebody listening now blinded by the paper
And all that's running through their mind is how I'm a hater
The truth is I ain't rich but I'm not broke
And I done turned down deals you would've hopped on
If the money's really worth something and we print it
Then how we in a deficit, bet you never questioned it
How's $20 worth less than $100
They're the exact same thing with different numbers on em'
It's just a tool that they been using to get control
That's why they put you in a cell if you print your own
But everything including us, they get to clone
Knock it off, you're funny, money will never get His throne


Outro: Bizzle
Aight, now you can go back and try to poke holes in what I'm saying
But after you do that, recognize what I'm saying is the truth
And the question is what you gonna do about it?
What you gonna change homie?
And don't let these cats gas ya'll up man
They on records talking about what they got that you ain't got
And what you ain't if you don't have this homie
Don't let these kats tell you what successful is dawg
Real talk

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