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High Wire Act by CY

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As The World Turns
by CY

Album: High Wire Act
by CY

Chorus: (In Background-The world Keeps Spinnin, World Keeps spinnin around it goes around and those in town just goin around and round and round)

As the world turns round and around
I would like to turn it around
But the world just keeps on spinnin
Keeps on spinnin
keep on spinnin

And Iím tryin to turn it around
As the world turns round and around
But the world just keeps on spinnin
Keeps on spinnin
keeps on spinnin
keep on spinnin

The big blue ball floatin in the sky high/ (high)

Surrounded by the moon, stars, devoted as they fly by/

joined by jupiter and mars/ and the artist is a supa dupa God

crazy power and a wise mind/ (mind)

Now letís zoom in to see the life of our kind/

Iím seein gloom on they faces/ and the doom that awaits us/

me and you separates us/ with a proud mind/ (why)
(another trk)

selfishness to get the paper/ wealthiness or gainin favor/
for promotion

dudes broke but never try God/ (or give)

Many people say they christian but you never seeíem givin
as they livin all you see is that they hand out/

always askin you for paper/ but they wonít return the favor/
every man for himself is the plan now/ even if itís man out/
(free for all)
a human life aint even worth a grand now/

Man how? (Wow)

Yea this wickedness is twisted/ and I wish that I could fix it/ only few that make a difference/ when itís spinnin/ (so Iím singin)


The people Sellin hitsía drugs, get cha mind high/
It falls back to the purpose/ why I spit the first verses/

Real people, real need tryna survive life/ (life)

The Cycle spinnin like a circle/

I aint scared to write a verse, or tell it real but major labels dare to sign CY/


Be takin all my work/ and my ideas/ such as the circus/

(The Complex)
CY was real, reversin curseíof Lives that live,/ took my work/ beguiled it filthy/ smilin stylin bitin simply/

grimacin and tryna get me/ say Iím fibbin/ I aint gotta lie/

Jippin Takers/ called me hater/ when I first started the flavor/ for the saviour/ originated from my mind/ (and Godís mind)

I learned a lesson in this business/ everyday itís like christmas/

but the gifts ripped opened, stolen, given to someone thatís known and/ those robbed can only dry they cryin eyes/ (eyes)

So the bottomís where the real at/ The top and all the bosses steady fear that/ someone gone take they crown and fly/ (fly, fly)

Iím seein people wake up to go to work for ends/ handle biz/ chill with friends not knowin when their loved friends/ life will end/

after hangin out/ go to sleep just to get up again/ (Spinnin)

Overlap) The big earth twistin
while the world is gettin twisted/ (Listen-Lead volume)

so many missin why the worldís in existence/ thirst to kill for position/ while the other person gets it/(dead)

I spit the real worth a listen/ Iím chillin at the crib goin fishin/ (yea)

the pencil in my handís like a fishinpole fishin/ throwin hooks to get it bitten/ turn the wicked into christians/

The music taste good, but the lyrics flavor spinach/(uuaaa)

They gone bout they business and forgets it/

as the world keeps spinnin/ only few is really listenin when itís spinnin

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