Out of Tune by Canon, Derek Minor, Deraj

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Mad Haven by Canon

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Out of Tune
by Canon, Derek Minor, Deraj

Album: Mad Haven

Chorus x2
I know you heard this song
You say I sang it wrong
I don't know what's going on
The world thinks I'm all out of tune

Bridge x8
Oh no, don't tune me up

Verse 1: Canon
No no no!
Do ray me fa so la te do!
Can't nobody tune me to the living the world
My faith been rooted deep watch me grow
Oh no! cop that benz???
Got money? nope, and no ends!
Spend it on Sallie Mae on that 10th
And if you like me you still paying that rent
I got a bill to pay, No time to floss on my street
I still need dental care I need braces
The only thing I'm flossing down is my teeth
And no my girl ain't got no girlfriend it
Ain't no pop that never no twerking
Oh she work it yes she work that p31
Verse oh so perfect
Talking like bad women all over me
My foreign chick is from over seas
Big boss with that Fantom
They pockets chunky like flowetry
Well I done heard it all and that's weak sauce
Who gives a bird what yo piece cost
Your audemar and your Cartiers
And your Aston Martin just cheap talk



Oh the world think I'm all out of tune
Oh the world think I'm all out of tune


Verse 2: Deraj
Do re, do re, excuse me
I'ma do this thing way off key
You can just hair-do you
If its cool that I do re mi
I cross my i's and I dot my t's
If you got a problem speak up now
Or forever ever just hold your peace
I'm saying, its raining outside
That's why I'm going in
And I'm so good at being myself
Cause I told myself that I won't pretend
And I won't pretend that I'm something I'm not
And I'm definitely not going to look like him
Or look like her, or look like them
Man I'm good in the skin I'm iiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn!
I held that out too long
And I know I got some haters
That'll probably say that was wrong
But I'm not afraid
I promise y'all I'm not afraid
That pharaoh died I'm not a slave
Da da da, de de de



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