Lord of The Lies by Canon, Sirrone Reid

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Home by Canon

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Lord of The Lies
by Canon, Sirrone Reid

Album: Home

Intro: Canon
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
I'ma be there
I see the lights
I see the tells
Whether you know it or not
I won’t let you fail
I won't let you fail, yeah
I can't let you in right now
Please God, help protect this house
Intruder alert, intruder alert
Shake hands with the devil, you might just get hurt
Might just get hurt
Kno-ow ’m sayin'

Verse 1: Canon
All men ain't the same (Yeah)
All money ain't green (Yeah)
Catch a wave ahead to the bay
But every wave ain't as straight (Yeah!)
Figure out who ya trust now (Yeah)
Ain't down with the stayin' down
Every Cinderella ain't a princess
And every lion ain’t a king, yeah (Yeah)
I been through way too much to be lied to (Yeah)
I been through way too much just to fight you, yeah
Uh-uh, ain’t none of us kids right now (Ayy, ayy)
Cry, baby, get to bed right now (Ayy, ayy)
You don't know how to live right now
Couple y’all throw rocks at moons, I know I do (Yeah)
I miss the mark every time that I try to (Ayy)
I got real winners (Yeah)
I know real pretenders (Yeah)
I know it's cold outside
But only Chi-town know about real winter (Haha)
Bambi, you can't trust 'em, they got guns, Bambi
Yeah, they gon’ have you thinkin' you the one, Bambi (Yeah)
Yeah, oh, better run away
Run away, yeah, yea-ah (Hey, oh)

Bridge: Canon
Been contemplatin' all night (Yeah)
'Bout to get better right now
'Bout to get better right now
'Bout to get better right now
What, you don't know by now?
You should be knowin' by now
Better from here on out
Better when we come back out

Verse 2: Canon
Introduce y'all to the God of this (Yeah)
Rearrangin' up all of them counterfeits
Sendin' blessings to the world of the sound of it
Ain't no secrets about him, no anonymous (Woo)
All of the angel bow down to the father
Go follow and problem, pardon, there's no honor
And your sin is swallowin', yeah, how that lovin', boy?
Whylin' out, you poppin'-poppin' now 'cause Rollie get demolished while it
I can't afford to be livin' my life by the spite like it's no contendin'
I know they want a God that's okay with livin' how they livin'
But never give 'em the real or somethin'
I hate to mention, I ain't tryna give you my conditions (Yeah)
Ayy, ayy, I ain't tryna trick ya (Whoa)
Lessons loaded, get the bigger picture
Time gon' be taken away (Yeah)
I can't be takin' no breaks (Yeah)
The revelation that you face (Whoa)
Tomorrow is not promised today
I saw the river that boils, yeah (Yeah)
The guy got you out like you kosher
All that bread might get you toast (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
All that bread might get you toast, yeah

Ain't never tryna show ya
They ain't never ever tryna show ya
Ain't tryna show ya
Ain't never tryna show ya

Verse 3: Sirrone Reid
I choose good over evil (Evil)
I give it up to the people (People)
I do it for the sequel (Sequel)
Yeah, you know about the sequel (Sequel)
Stack 'em all up 'til they bi-ig
If he not and if he di-id
Prayin' that you make a wi-in
Take the place of pain on me-e
As soon as I lie in my bed (Bed)
Negative dies in my head (Head)
People's words that people say (Say)
Did you die or did you play? (Play)
Just wanna offer discretion
Make it clear, paint a picture
I trust in the word that you say (Say)
And pray 'bout these times up a he-e-e-ad, yeah
And even though his eyes said I know (Oh, oh)

I ain't tryna hear what y'all say
I ain't tryna hear what y'all sayin'
I ain't tryna hear what y'all say
I ain't tryna hear what y'all sayin'

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