How We Do It by Canon, Thi'sl, lecrae

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Mad Haven by Canon

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How We Do It
by Canon, Thi'sl, lecrae

Album: Mad Haven

Intro: Lecrae
Yep, That boy young Canon
What's happenin'?
Ya'll know what it is
Don't act like you don't know that

Hook: Canon
You know how we do it (16 times)

Verse 1: Canon
Been up on that same ole'
Same ole'
1 to the 1-6
They know
I been all up through your city
And all they really wanna know is "Where's Crae' tho?"
But that's coolio-cool
I'mma lay low
That background, that's my j-o
Homie that work that I work is Romans 1:16
Dig it deep like Drano
I've been in it from beginning
Been following nothing but the model given in the scriptures
It ain't nothin' that I'll rather do but then keep the 116 in the mission
If you heard it all before then get ready get another from a brother tr-trippin
Tryin' act like we for the glitz and glam
Got em' lookin like,"Hey, I can't believe they Christians."


Verse 2: Thi'sl
You see that 116 tat, that STL snapback
Them concord 11's on
Fatigues, they gray and black
I'm headed to a city where they say them boys get gritty
I ain't comin' by myself, you know I got some soldiers with me
Single filed, we fall up off that tour bus
And we would still be the same if it's only two of us
They say we lookin' like a gang
Like we came to shoot it up
Yeah, we probably look the same
But we not so sure of it
You know I'm all in for my team
We ganged up, no gang signs
We bloodwashed, so clean
This Full Ride, we turnt up
No purple kush, no lean
And we headed to yo' city
There's soldiers ridin' wit' me from NY to Mississippi


Verse 3: Lecrae
You already know my crew and what we on
The logo ain't no joke tho
Boy, it's tatted on my soul
Screamin' 116, you see these folks out of control
My faith all in yo' face, ain't no fakin in these songs
Meet me on the block, stop signs on the corner
Tryin' to blow me off while they blowin' marijuana
Pop-pop, now he's a goner
Would you rather listen to the homie
You ain't gotta know me
But you got to know about The Rock tho
Who rocks souls and apostles
And rocks shows with The Gospel
Homie you know how we doin'
You know how we ride

Bridge: Canon
This ain't bout no music bruh'
This real rap
Cuz' real recognize faith
And we don't feel that
And you can get a tat of 116 on the back
And yeah that's cool
But we don't do this for no show kinfolk we live that


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