You Tube Page by Canton Jones, La Familia

Song Lyrics

You Tube Page
by Canton Jones, La Familia

Album: Kingdom Business 2

I got a brand new dance
I got a brand new dance
And if you don't know how to do it You can catch it on my YouTube page (Repeat 2x)

Verse #1
Let me see yo hands high
Slide to the left and do your dance ha
I know that you wanna do it shawty Gone 'head and bust a move
Dance like a church boy gone and cut loose, pull out the camera throw it on YouTube

Next thing you know the whole world sounding like you
In the aisle acting wild getting to it indeed, but I betcha can't church boy quite like me, no!

Repeat Hook x2

Verse #2
They say we on
Everybody rushing, try to hear the song
Got everybody dancing like they in the in zone, zone
I know that you feeling it, feeling it
So put this on the internet, internet
And yes we dance from the moon to the rising of the sun
Defeating all the odds always winning losing none
Put this on YouTube let 'em know how it's done!

Repeat Hook x2

Bridge CAJO
It's the church boy dance
You can do it if you want to
Church boy stance now get to it whatcha gone do
Let me see your feet move brother now, sister now
Do whatcha do when the good Lord hit you
Some run, some jump, some scream real loud
Some do it real cool some don't make a sound
But we all understand when the praises go up we got a big big blessing coming right back down now

Yeah, if you miss the sunday then catch it on the YouTube
If you can't log on the just catch me on my Bluetooth
Cause I can tell you 'bout a dance you ain't used to
The DJ on the organ give you something you can move to

Why look around, pick em up, put down and then you wander round, stop, drop then hit the ground
If you start to feel it, don't fight it, just let it go
Dances on ya mark, get set now, ready go

Hook: 2x

Verse 3
Come through and check us out on our YouTube page
Every single day we getting full cool plates
On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and
Friday, Saturday, Sunday we back at it
Come when you want it
We open to the public
24/7, you can leave or come in
If you shut down love then that will be nonsense, what!

Repeat Hook x2

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