Blow A Kiss by Canton Jones, Messenja

Song Lyrics

Blow A Kiss
by Canton Jones, Messenja

Album: Kingdom Business 3

Hook #1
I got love in my flow
Love in my flow (repeat)

Verse #1
Got a beautiful buzz, but I can't get enough, I came all the way up and I did it for love
But they don't understand, I just gave them the man, that can wash away sin, like a shell in the sand

I would claim for the truth, so it's real when I come, I'm doing big in the booth, but they're ain't one of them clubs, think I'm doing it now?
Man, just wait till I'm done.

I'm enjoying the ride, but ain't having for fun
Man what's that you say?
When I get down with the click, I can show you the way, but you got to repent
What a wonderful day that you never forget
If it's like Valentine's Day, every time that I speak

Hook #2
I got love in my flow
Ain't nobody used to this
So it's hard to (comprehend)
When I'm wrap up, blow a kiss (x2)

Repeat Hook #1

Verse #2
But I can't comprehend, so I got to explain
When they can't see the picture, but they holding the frame, like a lectic vision operation bout to began
I can keep a perfect vision, if you hear what I'm saying
Everybody complain, what went wrong with the game
Music posed to hit us something, thrown us down in the drain

That's why I'm standing up tall, when I'm repping the King, making all of these noise, like soldiers go on the train, almost time for its sequel
As the story unfolds, when affronted the people, I let the story be told
All the thugs in the leavens
What is good for them souls, now it's good versus evil, so let the good times roll!

Hook #2
Hook #1

Verse #3
I've been loving my flow, now they loving my flow
I got love for them haters that think they stand in my growth, but the Kingdom at hand, I'm just letting them know that I worked for the man, so don't mess with the flow

I'll be fetching them souls, making firm believers
And I'm bringing them back like a golden retriever
Just to bring them to Christ, cause He tried to free them, then He went to the cross cause He's dying to meet them

Got the Charlwood, homes, got it lost in the streets, so they wrap about killing, it just give me the creeps
I refuse to believe it's the way it should be
So I'll just conquer it all with love

Repeat Hook #2 x2
Hook #1

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