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Dominionaire by Canton Jones

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I Am
by Canton Jones

Album: Dominionaire

I am nothing without Jehovah
Try to hide it, but its obvious like a comb over
Nah baby, can't do it, can't take them chances
Life is more to me than smoking and drinking, exotic dances yeah

Get plugged in, Jesus is the bright light
Make your colors show kind of like a light bright
Ready set go, push the button
With God I can do all things,
Without Him, absolutely nothing, nothing!

You are I am and I am cause You are (x2)
I am, You are, You are, I am
You are, You are, I am

J. Sorrentino:
Yo its KJ to the 5 T, W, double E-Z-I-E
That's who I be, so when to find me
You got to show Him all the time
Kind of like its I.D.

Cause He's the one who gave my peace
So get the blood transfusion like it's I.V.
Show I can show Him off
Kind of now in high D
Efinition what I mention really got me aerie

So what I speak is for the cause of Him
Stand out like the hair on Kate Goselyn
He paid the cost of men, for the cost of sin
Its finished, take the towel, you can toss it in

He got knocked out of Friday like its Debo
And came back to win it all, Tim Tebow
We need to line up, its kind of like a free throw
Sign up for the service like its TiVo


Richie Righteous:
We are not strong cause sin deceived us
We are wimpy kids, we got the cheese touch
And the only One who can free us is Jesus
That's why He gets the credit just like some visas

Into His love I crash just like some cymbals
I am going in just like a dimple
He is so complex, I am so simple
He sort of like an iPad, I am a Kindle

My weather forecast is always the same
Cause every single day, Jesus Christ reigns
And the sun shines, He's sort of like a nine
Aimed at my head, yeah the Lord blows my mind
There is no match, nobody's on par
You're like my phone company, you gave me these bars
I walk among lions like Belteshazzar
I am what I am because of who You are superstar


I am nothing without You
(You are I am)
You put super on my natural
(You are I am)
Oh and every trial, every test
(You are I am)
I win every battle and conquest
(You are I am)

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