No Gravity by Christopher Syncere, Kieran the Light

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Syncere by Christopher Syncere

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No Gravity
by Christopher Syncere, Kieran the Light

Album: Syncere

For real, y'all wan' pull up on me? Pull up on me
We love you, Klon?

Verse 1: Christopher Syncere
Ayy, uh
Processin' my mindspace how I'm feelin', ayy
Top ten, I'm on all tens how I'm feelin', ayy
We went top ten in them charts
I met people halfway across the country that told me "Don't die"
Made 'em put the razor down and go and live on, yeah
This is way more than the industry
I finally met all my heroes and wasn't impressed
All I know is y'all gon' pay me when I'm worth it
And y'all better pay me respect
She got problems, I can't solve 'em
She gotta go to Jesus to get fillin' with rest
Filled up an ocean after done cried all these tears
And now I got zero left
Back to the past, Marty McFly
With a touch of sky, look at Kanye
I was in seventh grade writin' books and drawin' portraits
And they wanna say I'm lame
I joke about a lot, before my city I'm Kyrie, I do not play
I was in high school writin' musicals in my notebook, Sharpay
I seen granddaddy die right in front of me and he walked into Heaven
I seen one leader in church go from totin' a Bible to totin' a weapon
I seen a lot, but I don't speak a lot
'Cause I seen stranger things and I'm walkin' 'round like I'm eleven
Demons watch me try to beat the clock and feed the flock
And beat the wolf like Steppen
Bruce Wayne the way I was brought up in that darkness, ayy
Uh, I'm watchin' people struggle
'Cause the situations that they winnin' involved
And I'm watchin' Christians argue over who's this, who's that, and it's toxic
When we gon' give back to our first love and like life with the gospel?

Verse 2: Kieran the Light
The Light
Why do I feel like I'm the only real one that's really not fakin'?
I Chris Rock all the persecution, I stand here and I take it
I gotta face it, can't be complacent, I've tasted when it gets hectic
Now every time that I speak I feel it, I think I need Chloraseptic
I got a, I got a "hol' up, I got a thousand flows
But I only got it because I been followin' purpose, now I'm chose
To bring the game back to the Creator
They gon' catch on sooner than later
Producin' mo' opps, doubters and haters
Who hopin' I stumble, that's why I be prayed up
Try to be still, but that be hard to do
When the devil be all in my grill like this his barbecue
I know he hungry, that's the reason my flesh be starvin', ooh
'Cause every time I put trust in him, he end up splittin' my heart in two
And I don't know, I don't know how many lies I got left, man
So I just gotta let Jesus guide my steps, I can't go left
I need the time to prep for everything that approach me, tryna provoke me
So many targets on me, I should start sellin' grocery, get it? No joking, though
I still got some demons that hope I choke, man
But God gon' pull me up 'long as I'm holding rope, yeah
I don't call for help, I just call Holy Ghost, ooh
They all hope I fail, but they don't want no smoke
And that's just the reality, I'm seein' so many people mad at me
Turnin' jealousy into a casualty, I only call 'em friends if they family
But even family be comin' after me, God came and exalted me out of tragedies
The more I lift Him up, the more it feel like no gravity

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