Rapzilla Freshmen 2021 Cyphers, Pt. 1 by Coop, Tylerhateslife, Scootie Wop, Red Tips, Kham

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Rapzilla Freshmen 2021 Cyphers, Pt. 1
by Coop, Tylerhateslife, Scootie Wop, Red Tips, Kham

Album: Rapzilla.com Presents - Freshmen 2021

Verse 1: Coop
Okay, look
This is all facts, no fables
Unmatched, flow smooth, buttermilk, Bojangles
All snap, whole crew, I'm the real, both angles
Can't sit at our table, can't stomach our label, ugh
Just another white boy who mastered the elements
Elephant in the room is my massive like a melanin
I rap well, I paint pictures like it's pastel
People don't hear my lyrics, they feel 'em, I rap braille
But they say it's all in vain if I lose my soul
In vain like IV, like Roman numerals
Four times already I've been to funerals
Still ain't found out how to cheat death
But I know the one who died, buried, resurrected and beat death
Who I'ma preach into the streets, yes, ugh
I just wrote a pop hit with a superstar
I still play the rap game like my new guitar
That means I'm pullin' strings, y'all busy buyin' streams
But I'm more concerned with my view than who my viewers are

Verse 2: Kham
Uh, blessed with a gift, I never planned to rap
Old report builder, I relate by reportin' facts
Lot of allies bad apples, how I figured that?
Surely who you rootin' for gon' show me where your planet at
Cravin' food for thought, I could spare 'em a bread crumb
We don't look to y'all no more is my anthem
What I'm buildin' got a strict floorplan
Took the cream out the Oreo, we cuttin' out the middle man
Killin' 'em, a lot of these dudes like flat braille, I ain't feelin' 'em
My mind Titanic, ship 'em off and then I'm sinkin' 'em
If the connection bad, shut it off and you gon' sync with 'em
Kham raps, Killer Kham, same difference, that's a synonym
Tactical syntax, I'm black like the bear you called through
I mean I'm black like I'll bury a bad fruit
Bro you see how easily words can get twisted?
That's why I'm mindin' 'round my own business
You dig it?
Stevie the game, man

Verse 3: Red Tips
V for Vendetta, I got smoke but it's secondhand
I move with propellers, yeah they stronger than the average fan
Flight check, blastin' off like four, three, two, one
Then droppin' like Rikishi on the devil, that's like two ton
How you follow Jesus but don't praise Him with your two lungs?
You T-Pain, you say you left sin but dawg you still sprung
Soon as you slip the monkeys at you like it's temple run
God said, "I'ma send my son," I just pray his will be done
Concealed matters get searched, I'm out here with a chisel
You can not muzzle my speech, I learned that there from Bizzle
Ready to go, and whoever go against the clique
I'll beat you with the switch that I made you go outside and pick
Shout out to S-F-C, in the house, phase three
You paved the way for me, without y'all C-H-H wouldn't be
You might be out the game but you are not forgotten
I couldn't hop on the cypher without payin' some homage
It's Red Tips

Verse 4: Scootie Wop
Ayy, C-A-R-O-L-I-N-A
C-A-R-O-L-I-N-A, country grammar, you dig
Yeah, they like all hail King of the Jews
Bring in the blues, I'm flashin' my jewels
Play by the rules, you pick and choose
Who really choose, bully in schools
Skippin' the class but good with math
Carry the one, you get it too
Razorblade, under tongue, what happened to flip?
Bishop had to kick back, tell me you ain't get that
Body bag or take a polygraph, no you ain't live that
Short, sweet, four-bar rappers, that's a KitKat
Short, sweet, four-bar rappers, that's a KitKat
Bumsticklybum, I came from so I give back
Tryna give the kids hope, is hope, real facts
Visit thirty before thirty that's a real rap
Dropped a sixteen way before we sixteen
Now the whip clean, candy paint, pristeen
In a jail cell writing books to Christine
He did it for her son, they should've booked Christine

Verse 5: Tylerhateslife
Look I'm the most underrated, highest paid, it's no debatin'
It's highly likely that I'll never make it 'fore I ever make it
All this potential in my hands I could plan a trip out to Honolulu
But instead, I'll choose Afghanistan
It's 'cause I care about the fans and less about the views
I'm made to lead people to Jesus from beyond the pews
You never lose when you learn how to sacrifice
If we're bein' honest most of y'all don't even wanna tithe
You'll never be content until you heal, mm, hm
Here's some advice, your goals don't care how you feel
You need to chill, take a break is what they tell me
Meanwhile, they sittin' on the couch eatin' Zebra Cakes and watchin' telly
Let me see the mic for I minute, I got somethin' I wanna address but I gotta do it in public
They said I shouldn't have got picked
Well look at that, I guess I am a snub, man
Haha, ha

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