Stay Woke by Czar Josh, Big Yae

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For Your Heart by Czar Josh

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Stay Woke
by Czar Josh, Big Yae

Album: For Your Heart

1st Verse:

Boy im out here working
Ima try to buy the corner store
Tear the walls out
Try to flip it to a grocery store
Knock the price down
Something cool, something they afford
Smorgasbord, half off every item
When we go on tour
Cuz they ain't building Whole Foods in the ghetto
Aye, If they do, then it ain't looking like
Aye, I only drink the almond milk with tha vanilla in it, aye
If they outta stock, you know we acting really ignorant, aye
On that group economics
Speaking full Ebonics
Always honest
Master the slave masters in my pocket
Gotta bigger dream than on the Houston Rockets
In the 90s, I'm hungry for the title
And that's high key, Aye
This for every girl that called me too dark, yeah
Yeah now your boy lit, I got that new spark, yeah
Had to love myself for me and that's the hardest part
But who am I to tell my God how to make His art?
Can't let the chemtrails keep blockin' yo blessings
Just stay with humility, and live with simplicity
My black life still matter, Ima keep on pressing
And fighting supremacy, division my enemy til I'm dead patna
Decomposing, composing with the slickest prose, Patna I'm the chosen
Tryna run these rap tours like Demar Derozan
Slam like Onyx, Black jewel
But I'm never token, always outspoken


I done came too far just to give up now
Lil homie I was built to last
Im just a East Georgia brotha in Virgin-I-A
I Ain't stuntin no confederate flags
I just ain't for em
Gotta stay woke, even when they stay snorin
I'm an atlien, My thoughts stay foreign
To the simple minded, so I stay grinding
Reminding myself of what the time is

Stay woke (x16)

2nd Verse: Big Yae

Aye look I'm Back now
With the tip of my hat down
Telling haters to back down
With they sad frowns
Boy you look like a sad clown
And you need to turn back wow
Oh you mad now
Wanna go get the Mack now
Matter fact put the mack down
Just relax now
Cause I'm raw with delivery but I will give a smackdown
I'm just kidding that's a jk
Man I'm not giving in to what they say
Throw the stereotypes back in they face
And keep letting it rip like a bay-blade
But just pause let me take y'all to Alabama forreal
Where people bound to get killed for a couple of dollar bills
Man These people trying to live man they ain't giving y'all the time of day
Some can't get a job and if they can they on that mini wage
Most of them just sacrifice to put food on they baby plates
They eating at McDonald's they can not afford no chick-fil-a
Oh just wait let me turn around and get on our case
Just because I like a white girl I'm in the sunken place
So you trying to tell me that I cannot like another race
Please imma keep on going anyway cause homie


I done came to far just to give up now
Lil homie I was built last
I'm just a west side boy from Montgomery Alabama
I ain't stuntin no confederate flag
Cause I just ain't for it
Gotta stay woke even when they stay snoring
I rep the gump town even though this place boring
But don't be simple minded
Gotta stay grinding reminding yah self with what the time is homie, stay woke

Stay woke (x16)

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