Through the Night by DJ Maj

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Boogiroot by DJ Maj

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Through the Night
by DJ Maj

Album: Boogiroot

Hey it's me again
Seems like the 491st time I've done it
And oh how I plummet headed opposite the sky
Feeling sick and tired of being tricked in lies
Man somebody's gotta get me out
Cause even if I shout self doubt's got your boy
Sprung out on some trap called giving in
To bad listening now I see the results are madd crippling
How can it go from being so ok
To not knowing who to trust and what the heck's what
And who's gonna be next to cut this old gut
I wanna go nuts but I'm a true soldier and it ain't over (naah)
Because I've seen the plight of a father who took his own life
And now his own son bless the world with new song
I choose to press on if the blessing's on it's like

Sometimes I feel like I just cannot go on
So I ask the Lord that when I'd pray
He'd make a way to get me through the night
I took a vow to be true until I die no lie
I wanna see another day
If it's okay just get me through the night

We all face a Gethsemane
When we tussle to press or just let it be
Like when the boss man's acting all pesterly
And you're the only beacon of hope in the company
Yeah I know you want them tasting the grace that saved ya
Christ died so you can display faith
To them soldiers in the mail room janitors and managers
Radicals fanatics crack addicts and scandalous
To goons in the alley quick to snatch your hat
To politicians and actors preachers preaching the rapture
To that crazy neighbor borrowing your stuff
Instead of cussing them out you give them some of your stuff (right right)
So when you wake up in the morning
You're feeling like a champion
Babylon no test we (now hear this beat mart) Five 2

Now I've been through some times to make you lose your mind
I hide my pain while I'm acting like I'm doing fine
But deep inside I realize that I'm walking blind
I probably realize you're the one that I need to find
But that the time when you came and renewed my mind
I hear you say now my child there's no need to cry
I felt your hands reaching out and then they joined with mine
You wiped the tears from my eyes and then help me find
A way to steer me through the night and now
I see the I've got your razor light shining down into my life
And I can say that I really got a place to hide
I'm gonna be ok I know your peace is mine
So we never cease to rise what

T Cleeze bring it back one time come on
So when you feel like you just cannot go on (right right right)
Ask the Lord that when you'd pray he'd make a way
To get you through the night
Just take a vow to be true until you die no lie
And give thanks for another day
It's okay you made it through the night

Everything's alright
Lord I choose to keep pressing on if the blessing's on
From the darkness to the light
Just give me shelter from the restless storm inside your arms
Peace be still

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