Man Up by Da' T.R.U.T.H.

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Open Book by Da' T.R.U.T.H.

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Man Up
by Da' T.R.U.T.H.

Album: Open Book

(Verse 1)
You know how da plot goes, you could tell the difference when da pops home, most of us are not told, often when da pops home, leaves a legacy, plant seeds then the crops grow
i recall my pops cults, when i was a snot nosed, kid with no control, that's like a city that's without walls.
I could still hear his teachings ringin though the house halls, when its not profitable,
had to keep my mouth closed.
Gettin over obstacles, dodgin all da potholes,
he taught me eticates and ethics out of God's laws
Turned me on my hine wall chambers
now my eyes close, prayin that i would find a wife that would make my house home
yea; now probably say im faithful, if it wasn't for those spankins then i'd probably pop pain pills
Now im off trainin wheels, since i had a father that, tol me got the fathers heart, ima grip da train and build.....

if you walk in the authority of Jesus man have your shoulders broad
(where my)WARRIORS
if you stand up under preasure like da hebrew boys and your soul is strong
(where my) WARRIORS
God fearin gentlmen, generals, get in your positions man
(where my)WARRIORS
men take coverage, dont faint, dont fall if you know the lord
(where my)WARRIORS

(verse 2)man we need role models, gotta lot of teachers but, man we need more fathers,
talkin bout spiritual, teach us how to be mature, but of they abandon us,
how we gon go further?
Tell me who we gonna follow, we gonna get our cold values, from the dudes rappin on the screens of our floor models.
and you dont wanna leave it up to rappers who pretend to be track stars, bonafide home mothers
Hold up, more problems,
They wont step one foot in, to the local church cuz it, caters to a womens bent
and its full of feminine, man men we pushin them, far away from Christ into the arms of the muslim men!
Cuz men dont need the print we need strength, Christ was not a hippie pickin lillies' with his friends, Jesus was a mans man, so men followed him, doin God the father will, sayin father i wont sin!


(verse 3)
Listen, I am not a chovenous, but a Godly man is a stickler for holiness, him and Christ look alikes, sorta like the Olsen twins, and he practices what he preaches from the holy script!
But a natural man, he dont even know he's sick, he think its natural man to treat him like he dont exist.
he's enticed by every woman that blows a kiss, sin makes a Godly man wear like moby dick!
A Godly man's content when hes in the church, a natural man chases whatever's in a miniskirt, or in a dress like the gettysburg, its monogomous even if it really hurts like givin birth!
But thats the cause and affect, which really goes to show you how the cross can affect,
new man new clothes in the drawers of our dressers, man we at war with our swords and our vestes!


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