Mixed Bag by Da' T.R.U.T.H.

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Heartbeat by Da' T.R.U.T.H.

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Mixed Bag
by Da' T.R.U.T.H.

Album: Heartbeat

Intro: Da' T.R.U.T.H.
Music with a purpose
It ain't only art
Aye, we are just going to have fun on this one, yeah
Music for your soul
MB, MB, Mixed Bag

Verse 1: Da' T.R.U.T.H.
They surely only had a choice, had a voice, and the vision
Locked arms with the team that we formed--the Avengers
Building life breaking down all the walls of division
Couple dudes trying to bottom that off in the mission
I was raised in the church, but born in the trenches
Down the street from the projects, ?
But now I'm at the office making corporate decisions
Surrounded by the best of the board of directors
Yeah, from coffee houses to corporate office
Action steps back and forth with the counter offers
Sometimes I think of where I've been and I count my losses
Then I consider where I am and know that God is awesome
Yeah, I don't deserve to be here, I'm a royal mess
But I'm dealing with a God that's a loyalist
Spoiled kid, learned to keep my feet from where the oil drips
Had to come up out of my shell like some boiled eggs
Yeah, a label birthed out of conflict
From the artist, for the artist that we're not being
All the artists that feel boxed in
Exceptional talents ought to be appointed on the top ten
Got praise, God promise, going cray with me
TJ, TC, go and praise with me
Virtue was coming back, raised with me
Tip my hat down to J.R. who came with me
This is music with a purpose, it ain't only art
Sold music for people sleeping with a lonely heart
Yeah, wifey, wifey call me Iron Man
But she know that underneath the suit, it's only Tony Stark
You know my heart, this ain't about more cash
? there's a couple more dollars in the forecast
Not just for me, but for the whole team
That's why we spending so much time on these floor plans
Strong infrastructure, that's the introduction
For the team, it's just the mainstream has been destructive
Started from the bottom, we ain't there yet
And we ain't popping bottles in a Learjet
If we let pride and arrogance rear its head
That'll blow up in our face like an airbag
Yeah, fresh off the bench like the sixth man
We got 'em yelling Mixed Bag
Lamp Mode, Clear Sight, Humble Beast here tonight
Reach Records, RMG, Collision on a mission, we the army
For your soul, this is for your soul
Kingdom business, Charlie, and we on a roll
Fresh off the bench like the sixth man
We got 'em yelling Mixed Bag

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