This Is for You by Da' T.R.U.T.H.

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Moment of Truth by Da' T.R.U.T.H.

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This Is for You
by Da' T.R.U.T.H.

Album: Moment of Truth

Either this life is meaningless or its meaning is
Eclipsed by a series of events that satisfy for the moment
But once your moment is passed your moment's the past
Then poof dude you can't revive it or hold it
You're born you suffer
you die when you're older
But there's a loophole, I wouldn't lie to my soldiers
Nor would I lie to my sisters, God is my witness
Jesus Christ is the only escape from out of your prison
Let's Go

He's clean we're unclean, we're seen He's unseen
You don't want him to flee the scene you need him to intervene in your life
Therefore, come cling to the King and cling to those things that He loves
Bring flames to the things that He hates
Be sure not to worship things that He shapes
For the things that He makes or the things that He'll shake, yes
Things that He makes are the things He creates
If you exchange Him for those things you're suppressing the truth
Which simply means that you know He exists
And in Him all things consist and that He's powerful but you ignore Him
You don't want to be accountable and responsible
For doing that which is considered sin
which are simply those things that are inconstistent with Him
His antithesis that makes you consider Him not
Consider the plot consider your lot and ask yourself if you're a citizen in the city of God
Let's Go

Yes this is for you
Yes this is for you
Yes this is, yes this is for you

He's clean, we're unclean, we're seen He's unseen
You don't want Him to flee the scene cause homey this ain't a dream it's real
Life ain't what it seems but seems to appeal to our appetite so
Just for a single meal we sell our birthright
Now that's senseless like trading in your motocycle for a dirt bike
I mean the earth's alright but turn on the search light
you'll find it's not a new pair of Jordan's it's some hurt Nikes
From birth right to the grave we liken our days to
That of the nature of a night and a day you know it's here then it's gone this earth is temporary I hope
That you adhere to what you hear in this song, yes
Draw near to His throne otherwise your God's the creator's creation and it's clear that that's wrong you can be sincere but sincerely wrong
I'm just trying to remind you, you
Need to be fearing the Lord
Let's go

Yes this is for you
Yes this is for you
Yes this is, yes this is for you

He's clean, we're unclean, we're seen He's unseen
Yup sister you got it, yes it's the same thing it's redundant
(same ole song)
But a momentous one life's full of moments but once your moment under the sun is over
your moment is done yo
You don't control your moment, your moment's your owner (think about that)
Trust me if you controlled your moment
Then you would hold on to the moment that's golden
But you can't 'cause your moment is fleeting and
God designed it that way to get you to grope Him and seek Him
Why you think the starry hosts and the ocean's intriguing
And you were created a socio emotional being
God did this to provoke you to think in terms of whether or not you're in fellowship with the Holiest being
Jesus Christ the Holiest meaning set apart waiting for you and your homies to agree with Him

Yes this is for you
Yes this is for you
Yes this is, yes this is for you

Yes this is for you
Yes this is for you
Yes this is, yes this is for you

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