Alive and Well by Datin, Da' T.R.U.T.H.

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CHH Ain't Dead, Vol. 1 by Datin

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Alive and Well
by Datin, Da' T.R.U.T.H.

Album: CHH Ain't Dead, Vol. 1

Verse 1: Datin
My mom and dad threw gardens, and would invite lots of friends
And they would dance to the records that my pops would spin
And from ? I could feel my head pop within, before birth
A love for music's what I got from them, then as a toddler
Dad would put a mic in my hand in front of my fam I would sing like Micheal and dance
The King of Pop, I wanted to be just like him
But my dreams and aspirations were changed on a night when
Searching for cartoons on a tube I stopped on video music box, so
Amused I watched a choice is yours, a black sheep
Mahn it was a fat beat, it was the first rap to attract me, and then the play scenario
Q-Tip and Bust' going back to back
My mind was blown, my life ain't been the same after that
Cause from then on I was a full fledged Hip hopper, the lyrics kept me in a trance like a witch doctor
I would listen to the grimiest dudes but the violence they spewed shaped my mind and my views
They bragged about what a life of crime can produce, the money, the cars, the clothes, the diamonds, the jewels
I was poor so I thought I'd try on they shoes
There lifestyle is something that I would pursue
But what they did was live me in the darkness, I became like them and lost me in the process, mahn

Interlude: Da' T.R.U.T.H.
*clears throat*
Yeah, so
Yeah, so
When we first started rapping, right
There was no industry for it
It was no money, no award shows, it was just pure
We saw it as an untapped mission field, you know
A place where we could take the gift of rap and provide not just an alternative but an antidote for people that were being poisoned by the bad (The bad)

Verse 2: Datin
I took my life and made a mess of it
Yes I possessed a gift, but I invested it
Into trying to flex and drip
I set my mind on getting rich and buying diamond necklaces, tryna drive them Lexus'
Then I got the bag, was ? the side effects of this spiritual type of deficit
That's where my depression hit
I was feeling down till my friend Lionel stepped in with the Good News in his car
He played them type of records that, convicted me with truth from the Bible etched in it
Truth craved fanatic, ? did I mention Swift
They said the Christ did not require my prerequisites, and eternal life with the Messiah Christ is effortless
I thought, how can I deny this precious gift
I was in sin but said it's time that I repent from this, and then
I had climbed the highest precipice and dived inside the depths of His love, goodbye to wretchedness
You probably asking why am I addressing this CHH topic, why do I deny the death of it
It's cause I've seen the most high provide His message with the song form, he saved and revitalizes reckless kids
I've tested the fruit of the truth it conveys, it's message
Can point the youth to Yeshua, it saves
It's an alternative to what we hear in music today as long as we do what we do in His name
This CHH ain't dead

Interlude: Da' T.R.U.T.H.
Nah nah nah
Christian Hip hop is just like a child star
You know, like a child star growing up under the microscope with the whole world watching
One of the most painful things is to watch children go through puberty
You know those years, the voice is changing, the face is bumpy, it's that awkward stage of development
You don't quite know who you are, but you think you got all the answers, just tryna figure it all out
I think that's all that's been over the past seven years or so
We've been going through that weird stage, an identity crisis, you naw I mean
We gon be alright tho
Cause everyone at some point transitions from adolescence to adulthood
So we gon be good
CHH is not dead, we just been in transition
And God's hand is on it, so, let's rock on

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