Are You Ready by Deitrick Haddon, Voices of Unity

Song Lyrics

Are You Ready
by Deitrick Haddon, Voices of Unity

Album: All Star Edition

People don't praise no more
Like we used to do
When the spirit of the Lord comes in
You got to move
And you gotta kick that dust off
Your shoutin' shoes
It's time to praise Him y'all
Are you ready to give God praise

Verse 1:
When you're walking around
Acting like you don't know what to do
Now you're living large
Acting like the Lord never brought you through
Well don't you come around here
Trying to act all brand new
Come on and get loose y'all
Praise Him like you used to do


Verse 2:
Stand to your feet, show me what you got
I wanna see you dance, as soon as the beat drops
It's the Holy Ghost party you know it don't stop
Make it hot, now let me see you move
Spread your feet apart move your body over
Clap your hands then shake your shoulders
We're gonna bounce 'til the party's over
Come on now dance for Jehovah


In the morning
You can praise Him in the evening
In and out of season
You've got a reason
If you don't know
Take a minute let me show you how
Pick 'em up and put 'em down
Everybody let's praise Him now

It's our brand new dance man
Come and feel the words we work
I put your hands in the air
Like we stuck in the church
I serve a God who can back up cancer
Catch the Holy Spirit move like a back up dancer
Cause it don't matter if you young or old
Rock ice so white so just lose control
Make you too cute for Christ surely you can say
They catch me on the floor now I'm 'bout to dance like it
We don't praise him like we used to
But we about to start
I don't care what you paid for those new shoes
Cause you got a new whip you don't shout no more
Soon as I hit the dance floor see me praising the Lord
When I praise the Lord like I did in the club
Got saved things changed now I move for God's love
Lax-a-daisy that's up my lane to act crazy
We 'bout to shout for Christ


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