Party People by Derek Minor, Social Club

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Empire by Derek Minor

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Party People
by Derek Minor, Social Club

Album: Empire

Party People
Lose Your Mind
We gon Party All Night

Hey Marty!
This is my Social Club ad lib
Supposed to say something random and funny right here

Verse 1: Derek Minor
You tell your crew I tell my crew, We party all night
I stage dive off the top rope like Macho Man
If I hit your mama with an elbow then I'm sorry fam
Ya'll better know it
Misfits and Minor are lions and tigers
In other words, animals, animals, animals
We all going crazy I think you should try now (you, you, you)
Hands to the sky like I'm flapping the Giant
Controlling the crowd like ventriloquist
Many resurrecting if you not feeling this
Party just beginning we are not ending it
People say I'm crazy, I'm not feeling it now

Lose your mind
We gon Party All Night
You tell your crew I tell my crew, We party all night!

Verse 2: MartyMar
Agh! Oh no they back again
Hoppin out of Minivans
With couple of their friends
Still rocking Hammer pants
I could do that Hammer dance
Just gimme room though
I'm singing this Spanish
Girls they think I'm in Menudo
I'm drinking Martin in the back and my shirt is mustard
Politicking on the patio my shirt up button
I tell that people about Jesus over tea and crumpets
We too busy having fun and you busy doing nothing


Verse 3: FERN
What the problem is y'all try to play us like Optimus
When we currently in our prime like Optimus
Promoters hit the email like lock us in
We're booked to next year that's a lot of gigs
And a couple of them with Derek and his rapper friends
Canon, B-Coop and not to mention them
But not many other artists that I recommend
Lately I been thinking it was dirty for the culture
Chilling me and stash money dancing in the corner
Twerking out work it out baby feeding over donor
Instagram fill got you feeling like a baller
I do things more stiffer than most you
My raps like a slam dunk tryna post you
Verse like this make this like you supposed to do
Now party all night like we told you to


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