When the Summer's Gone by Derek Webb, Sandra McCracken

Song Lyrics

When the Summer's Gone
by Derek Webb, Sandra McCracken

Album: Live Under Lights and Wires

when the summer's gone
when the harvest comes and the leaves are red
we'll remember then
making love in the sun and the sand
you are the one to whom my heart belongs
will our love be strong when the summer's gone?

when the summer's gone
as we fight our way through the winter snow
and we will mark the days
till our july friend returns again, where have you been?
you are the one to whom my heart belongs
will our love be strong when the summer's gone

we could drive down to the water
if we ever lose our way
summer sky, goes on forever
will our love be strong..
when the summer's gone...

when the summer's gone
and the poetry has all been read
will our midnight sun
burn though the year till the august fears have disappeared
you are the one to whom my heart belongs
will our love be strong when the summer's gone


you are the one, to whom my heart belongs
will our love be strong (when the summer's gone?)
will our love be strong (when the summer's gone?)
will our love be strong when the summer's gone?

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