Maybe One Day by Dre Murray, Christon Gray

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Maybe One Day
by Dre Murray, Christon Gray

Album: Gold Rush - Maybe One Day

Verse 1: Dre Murray
I feel like misfortune follows me around
Good is something found
Every now again, but usually doesn't make a sound
Instead I stay bound
By challenging despair
I feel it coming in the air
Everybody stay down
Maybe it'll passover us and finally skip town
Blood on the door
Just so we can feel safe and sound
There's a body on the ground
They hit him in his face
They hit him by mistake
They hit him in my place
But I step right over
And pay him no never mind
Get on this broad path
And slowly avoid the signs
Telling me 'Turn around'
But He tryna' still shine
Plus I ain't got time
I'm outchea' on the grind
Get it by any means
Rain, sleet, hail, snow
Everything in between
For this rush, I am a fiend
I see it, and one day
Imma get it, I gotta have it
Not sure what it is
But they say that it's magic

Hook: Christon Gray
If everyday had rainbows
If black and white were full of hue
To rule this world
Would be my dream come true
Maybe one day (7 times)
No one can hold me back
This magic, I'll have it

Verse 2: Dre Murray
I'm so close; I feel it, I'm so close
Investing my whole heart; hoping it's not a hoax
I see other people with it
They get it, they make a toast; but the toast they never seize
Now they're trying to get the most using the same yeast
But it seems that their approach
Leaves those at the feast dead On this bread they all choke
Now I'm asking all of my friends "Am I different?"
They said, "Nope! I'll just end up just the same."
So, I'm thinking of grabbing rope and leaving my self slain
Won't cause pain to my folks, my family, and my friends
Cause they love me the most
I worked and strained to gain, but no hope was found
By one, they never came; I'm thinking of leaving town
Thinking of leaving earth cause hurt is what I feel
I curse my very birth and run from being healed
My dawg told me to heal; best friend told me to chill
But I wanted it so bad and they said that it was real
But it's not, and now I feel my whole life was deceived
Step right over my purpose; my lust drove me to leave
And he was laying right there; both arms in the air
But I never learned to care; I just stared and watch him bleed
And now it haunts me every night, but the greed
Tells me the things I want are things I really need
I see it, and one day I'mma get it, I gotta have it
Not sure what it is, but they say that it's magic


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