Pharaoh by Dre Murray, Tragic Hero

Song Lyrics

by Dre Murray, Tragic Hero

Album: Gold Rush - Maybe One Day

Hook: Tragic Hero
Bury me with all my gold
Will I meet you on the other side?
Well, I don't know
I swear this here is the greatest story
Ever told, but nothing stays the same
So I play life like a game
And I tell them boys to
Get it till it's gone
Gotta get it till it's gone
Get it till it's gone
Gotta get it till it's gone
Get it till it's gone
Gotta get it till it's gone
Get it till it's gone
Gotta get it till it's gone

Verse 1: Dre Murray
Dear Pharaoh with a tomb full of gold
Food and drink abound, but not an inch for your soul
Your death will soon show that you are not in control
And somebody else inherits everything that you stole
Got this look on your face like you knew that
Lookin' out at the earth like I rule that
You ran through that money, yea' you blew that
See the God in the center, tell him move back
Yelling who that? He ain't no king, no ruler here
I pull them strings, whom shall I fear?

So, close that door and make sure that them people know
My face. Yeah, I'm hungry for my death, dying just
To get a taste. When it's time to let this life go
Just know I'm god here. Make sure my gold's on me
Tell my story when I'm gone homie


Verse 2: Dre Murray
I'm stacking this paper, my fortress so high
You thought you seen a pyramid
And the boy stay scheming, thief like ???
Greatest thing I ever did
You ain't never seen somebody like me
You as pure as gold for a body like me
Next day gon' shine when I kick that rhyme
Thought I lost my mind when I'm on T.V
And who gon' stop me? I say what I want
And do what I feel and you are my slave
When you misbehave, it's just what I want
Now, come here and kneel, come and here and kneel
And worship your king
Me and this treasure
I'm spending forever
When I leave this earth
We leaving together



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