Gold Rush by Dre Murray

Song Lyrics

Gold Rush
by Dre Murray

Album: Gold Rush - Maybe One Day

Live from the 713

I always felt like I was outta place
In junior high
I swear they thought I was from outer space
Bland fashion
I rarely had a lot of taste
The butt of every joke
I swear saved a lot of face
I played a lot of Face'
I played a lot of Pac'
Shed tears when MTV reported when he was shot
The second time
The doctors reported flat line
And it was ill
I bet the whole world could feel the shock
I would've given right leg to be in his spot
And limp a mile in his shoes but in yo' socks
One at the top
Major fame was my ambition
A broken heart
And major pain was my ammunition
My fragile life on that invisible scale
Looking for heaven
Trapped in an invisible Hell
Illiterate to King's writing
I was under the spell of Satan
Yeah that's d-e-v-i-l
I'm learnin'
Meanwhile the second hand on the Quatrz is turnin'
The white dust in that flask on the stove is burnin'
I saw them boys rocked up
Some sang when locked up
I was in church everyday
Erick read the sermon
That's my older brother
Saw tears from grandmother
When cops brought me home
And they search but couldn't uncover
The pot that would've had me in hot water
Just a young lion in the jungle with no father
But plenty worries
Like how could I get the fastest
Cuz' success is lookin' past us
The dope boys are my pastors
They told me,"Get off the block!
Be a ball player or rapper."
And I didn't wanna see the casket
So I started making baskets
But even I hit jays to get paid
In society's eyes, I'm just a young black bastard
A fatherless child under pressure with pipe dreams
Get em' and bust em off of fame and nice things
This dude in the mirror telling me ball out
Even if I fall out
It's the nemesis, I'm fighting
This world told me I was king
Then told me look but don't touch
I guess it wasn't what it seems
I'm caught up in this gold rush


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