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He's Here EP by Eddie James

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He's Here
by Eddie James

Album: He's Here EP

Verse 1
Prophets and kings of old
by the Holy Ghost they foretold
that One would come
who would be born King
Abraham, Moses, Jeremiah, Isaiah
King David prophesied
the coming of Christ
Behold a virgin by the Spirit
shall conceive the promised Messiah,
now let all the earth receive

Verse 2
Gabriel the angel of God
came to Nazareth of Galilee
to the virgin Mary
espoused to Joseph of the house of King David,
say you have found favor
the Lord is with thee
Blessed among women
for you have been chosen
to carry in you the One who
will make all things new
Joseph don't fear for the
bride you hold dear
is carrying the Christ
and you shall soon say

Verse 3
Augustus gave a world decree
to be taxed in your native city
So out from Galilee went Joseph and Mary
to the city of Bethlehem
With no room in the inn for them
so in a stable Christ the Lord is born King
In a field abiding
were shepherds who were watching keeping
there flock by night
Till the Angel appeared with good tidings of joy!
Joy so great, this is the day of our days
Lord Christ the Savior

Verse 4
Angelico's are singing
and shepherds went fleeing
to the place of birth
of the Son of the Most High
From the east following a star
wise men came from afar
seeking the Savior the Lord Jesus Christ
When they had found the place
and they beheld His face
they all fell down to worship and pray
The gift from there treasures were gold, myrrh
and frankincense and with shouts of joy they now can say…

Chorus (Tenor 1st, Sop. 2nd)
He's Here
Born of a virgin
wrapped in swaddling
He's Here
lying in a manger
Yeshua, Emmanuel
He's Here
(Repeat 1x)

Vamp (1st Sop., 2nd Alto, 3rd Sop.)
Lord of Creation (He's Here)
Giver of Salvation
Hope of the nation (He's Here)
Healer, Redeemer, and King
Mighty Deliverer, (He's Here)
Defense and Conqueror
My chain breaker (He's Here)
He will set the captives free
Repeat x4

Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Jesus, Jesus is Here
(Repeat x1)

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