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Album: Reconciler. Refiner. Igniter.

I'm asking Please! Where are you? 'Cause I've never heard your voice before. I believe there's truth, I'm wanting it so bad because these movements are windows. Though I cannot understand their origins. These words are walls, because I cannot understand their meanings. You are always asking always searching for something. So I sent my son to lead you to my love. His life to set fire to your weary bones. So look to me and I will give you... Rest. Rest your weary bones. I feel I am hunger I am thirst. Was I born a rat just to taste gutters? I wander with my cuts. And I will not end my life in broken wrist fist fights. Savior bring me truth.
It's hard for me to see how you see anything in me. Though honestly I guess I have no right to disbelieve, but I've looked in the mirror and nothing in those eyes show anything worth chasing though I am constantly pursued. My brothers, I'm sorry. I see your faith and doubt, though what I've seen is lovely it turns ugly in my eyes. I don't think I feel what it is you feel, and only for that reason I still question if it's real. Though you worry less, and smile more than anyone I've seen before, and all because you say you've died, your life is not your own. But how is this done? I know I'm alive because I was born. How do I set free a life when its all I've ever known? Well I prefer not to be alone, I'd rather have some company. I've been feeling a little restricted though these coins they all cry liberty. And they call you a God, but what does that mean? I've heard that word so many times I wish I'd never heard it at all. So I'll call you a friend, because from friends I've seen love. But my friends they betray me and have tendancies to leave. So I'll try you as father, and I'll try not to bother you if you are busy or you're taking a nap. If you've given me nothing to call you by what name should I scream as I'm facing the sky? What name should I call when I notice I'm falling? You know us humans, we've never been too good at flying. And from what I've seen, if you love me you must want something in return. Sir, I'm only a boy, I've got nothing to offer. There was one I loved with everything though in the end, I lost her.
Beautifully as breeze you gently whisper please. Please, please, just spend some time with me. That's all I ask, that's all I need. Call me your friend, call me your brother. Call me your father, call me your mother. I gave you all of these so you could catch a glimpse of me, if any of them ever loved you, boy I promise that was me. And while they turn their backs on you, boy I swear I'll never leave. So please, please, just spend some time with me.

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