Caught In A Land Of Time by Freedom Of Soul

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Caught In A Land Of Time
by Freedom Of Soul

Album: Caught In A Land Of Time

Watching the clock tick-tocking - no time to play, got to get on my knees and pray,
'Cause while we're stuck here, waiting for the rapture, this is one of the things that we have to do in order for everything to be cool,
Don't be a fool, get caught out of fuel, 'cause Jesus is coming back...and coming back quick,
In the twinkle of an eye, quicker than a flick of your Bic lighter or my big pen,
When it's the yell - people later, I'll be gone lie Anita Baker,
I'll be caught up in a rapture of love straight from above,
Cool with my man, Dove,
Sup's in his Coupe deVille when my man Toon's in the mix right beside me,
And we're throwing a party 'cause we finally made it,
I anticipate it, 'cause it's gonna be good to see my daddy and leave this hell hole the we call Earth,
Rebirth - that's what it costs to enter the gates, it's a free pass,
Are you gonna last? - Well, you're not, 'cause you're standing on quicksand,
It's time you hop out, step on dry land,
'Cause you're just caught in the land where the is no life,
Caught in a place that cuts like a knife,
Stuck in a world where you never reach your prime,
You're just caught in a land of time.

The future's looking kind of shady, looking very hazy,
'Cause of your laziness is taking control, it's got a hold of your body,
'Cause all you wanna do is sit down and watch, and inspect all the brothers in the Christian rap ministry,
You're not dissing me, but you're pulling a "Negative, no," from G, O, to the D,
You shouldn't be pointing your finger when you're not even attempting to stand up and do this on your own,
Shows how much you've grown in the past five years of living the life of a hoaxer,
Playing games with God like it was poker,
I tell you, joker, you're always through,
Don't be confusing my God with the others that be hitting grooves or be on the news,
'Cause, I tell you right now: my God is an awesome God,
He reigns from Heaven above with wisdom, power, and authority,
He gets all the glory from me, and even from you, 'cause at the end all will bow down on one knee when he meets J.C. to tell us where we'll spend our eternity,
Like Nike says, "Just do it" is what I say...but what I say is do it today, or you'll be caught with my tape trying to rewind,
You'll be caught in a land of time.

Like the fat rhymes that's caught in the trap, Soul on your lips when you try to rap,
No, I'm not capping on your style, just listen to see if the lyrics is worthwhile,
Don't you know what you do to a brother when your lyrics are x-rated, and so was your cover?
You think it's cool, you think it's real fun...but how much fun will it be when God comes?
Do you think God appreciates your acts?
Do you think he doesn't have the facts?
Sorry to bust your enormous air bubble,
Sorry if you think I'm causing much trouble, but I'm trying to teach you what I know,
Everything I know before I go,
Pick up that dusty bible from the counter, let me show what I am counting,
1 Timothy 4:12 talks true, it says: "Let no man despise thy youth,"
James 3:6 gets my message done, it says right in Hell sits your tongue,
And all for you who think you can walk both ways, 1 Corinthians 10:21 says you can't drink out of Jesus' cup and the devil's cup - so, yo, tell me, what's up? (word)
'Cause you'll never learn 'til Jesus you find,
You're just caught in a land of time.

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