Freedom Of Soul by Freedom Of Soul

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Freedom Of Soul
by Freedom Of Soul

Album: Caught In A Land Of Time

Capital F, R, double E, D, O to the M is here to express our self through our soul, which means spirit,
So as you hear it, don't get scared if your body starts moving in a jerk-like motion,
The notion of this track is to make you take action like Jackson, or Paxon,
Not like Nixon, but more like mixing or cutting the record,
'Til the wax of the facts given by Cartoon is like hand and glove,
Full of love are we all - don't you see it in the picture I'm painting?
Brother Jam, watch the Cartoon and myself - we are the ones in portrait on the front cover, brother,
Love of God is what we stand for, and what we will pour into your mind, down your spine, and make you feel fine,
On an incline is where were going and how we're growing, always knowing we'll effect a life or two,
So I tell you what to do: cool out and listen to the brand new crew called the Freedom Of Soul.

Yo, Peace is the emcee; Cartoon, the deejay,
J & Y dance like David, but with the '91 style I twist together,
We're like a fist: balled, but full of force,
Ready to take a stand all for Yahweh, 'cause he's the way, yeah,
The only way to get to Heaven,
He's coming soon; it could be seven or eleven,
I don't know when, but all I know: we got to be ready,
So crack your machete and then crack it again,
'Cause you can never get too much, my friend, of the word,
And the word is life, life is God, and God is love,
This is what we spread around the world, from the young to old, and boys to girls,
No matter what race in our case, 'cause when we look at skin colours - not a trace,
Home is where the heart is - this is what I'm saying,
A brother's a brother when together they're praying, not slaying 'cause that equals decaying,
Listen up, 'cause I ain't playing,
Feed your mind, feed your mind, don't let it starve to death or limit it to one kind of clay that the potter must mould,
Feed your mind with the Freedom Of Soul.

Yo 'Toon, get it loose.

Break it down.

Freedom Of Soul.

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