Rock With Me by George Moss, Beacon

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It's Time by George Moss

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Rock With Me
by George Moss, Beacon

Album: It's Time

Verse 1
Ok this one is a heater, cooler than a cedar
If you ain't afraid to get it poppin' let me see ya
We gon play follow the leader, hombres' senoritas
When the beat comes thru the speaker everybody go chiquita
Cuz we bout to turn the heat up
Ain't no time to kick ya feet up
We just tryna follow Jesus
Like we walkin in His sneakers
By His stipes we are healed
I ain't talkin bout adidas
When you really walk it out
It's like onamonapia
Sayin' boom, pow, zap, bang
On that one one six screamin out I'm unashamed
Back in high school made a promise not to change
As long as I keep growin I can never stay the same
So let me clear up some confusion bout some things I try to do
Cause I heard a couple rumors half of em ain't even true
Say it happened overnight but don't know what I had to do
So if you think that you do then you ain't even got a clue
Man I go against the grain
Got a different set of rules
They tell me that it's hot but I'm just tryna keep it cool
My Daddy owns it all, don't know why I gotta choose
So I'm heatin up the oven, bake the cake and eat it too
Man I feel I'm gettin old so I'm doin something new
Hit the booth and I'm fresher then I was in '82
Man I'm stickin to the script, tryin not to miss a cue
And allergic to these haters so I'm sneezing like ah-chew
And you ain't gotta answer but I hope you get the message
Even though I know they curse me I'm still prayin for ya blessing
It's not what you expected cuz I like to keep you guessing
Cus you never get a second change to make a first impression

Rock with us now
Rock with us now
Rock with us now
Rock with us now

Verse 2 (Beacon)
Hey yo Rock with me, rock with me when the bass hits
Scrunchin up your face that's a face lift
So I'ma say this statement
Rockin like we Skillet
With the truth we gonna fill it up with Christ
'Til we face em
Don't get tainted
We're trying to display His fruit of the Spirit
Trying to love and develop patience
He is the Greatest, I AM
Why stand on another rock?
Got Christ as my basement
I gotta praise His name and defame this
Societal living running wild like 8 kids
With no mom, or no dad, we so wrong, we so bad
The sin we've painted we can never erase it
So let's face it we're cracked like fake ribs
Irregular heartbeat like A-Fib
'Til Christ came took the cross for the lame
Then rose up and dunked on sin like Blake Griff
Now that's a highlight, and a great Clip
We're gonna watch it forever 'cause God taped it
It's in His Word, forever we got the cure
We can be assured Christ got us covered like blankets
But only if we believe the truth that He died
The truth that He rose and ascended to the sky
Yo He went to the cross, He was looking for the lost sheep
Even you and I
And He rose form the grave
I have hope to be saved
And confidence in God
So rock with us, rock with us, rock with us
Rock with us, rock with us, rock with us
Yo we rep' the One who died up on the cross when we spit it
C'mon rock with us, Rock with us, let's go

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