No Alibi by Graham Kendrick, Geoffrey Stevenson

Song Lyrics

No Alibi
by Graham Kendrick, Geoffrey Stevenson

Album: The Blame

Checkout girl
Got her fingers in the till
Won't look you in the eye
When you pay the bill
She just slips away
When they check the cash
Sweat on the brow might show
No alibi

Businessman knows the tricks of the trade
Well everybody does it It's part of the game
He says: "Just keep cool and cover your tracks."
But it's funny how the truth comes back
No alibi

Wash your hands of the situation
Spread a little more mis-information
Blame it on the moon or the stars and the signs
But where were you on the night of the crime?
No alibi

Married man wants jam on his bread
The girl makes eyes It goes to his head
He cheats on his wife gets some tainted love
She says "Who were you with last night?"
No alibi

Video man got a nasty streak
He's a bird of prey on the minds of the weak
He says: "I give the public what I know they like"
But the streets aren't safe at night
No alibi

In the garden of Eden something's missing from the tree
Go ask my wife no don't blame me
She says: "Don't ask me it's just not fair
Hey listen there's something hissing over there

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