Bobbin' Bouncin' by Grits

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Dichotomy A by Grits

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Bobbin' Bouncin'
by Grits

Album: Dichotomy A
by Grits

(This is how we overcome); so yo' (everything's gonna go ma way); we're here (doing this from the mornin' sun); ma light (up until the break of day).

[Pre-chorus: All the spies, we grows; on the side, oo-oh-oh-oh; bone slash, away we go; Christian move, so watch it, oh].

[Chorus: Bobbin' bouncin'; move yo' head; we all need counselin'; we ain't scared; goin crazy, hittin' walls; He's here all night; ain't no pause].

[Refrain: Bangin' bobbin' bouncin', bouncin'; bobbin' bangin' bouncin', bouncin'; bangin' bobbin' bouncin', bouncin'; bobbin' bangin' bouncin', bouncin'].

Told ya'll we had a lil' bounce to bang, and out your range; it ain't comin' out the same; we skitzo, over-flowin' dyslexic messages; meant for the souls, the flesh can't detect it; don't disrespect, you just gon' accept; the south been hot, rich men preppin'; this our weapon bobbin' bouncin', bangin' beats and counselin', counselin'; every line inclined and designed, by divine inspiration and time; to speak to a certain situation, to those that hurt and in desperation; this the reason why we came, hollerin' talkin' ‘bout Jesus name; so elbows and shoulders get in the motion, brake yo' neck and take in the potion.

Ho; [Chorus]. [Refrain].

Ma neck snap back as a direct reaction; (people point), what is that son; parties gonna be lock a jockey; goin' up and down like the stairs on Rocky; revamp the situation, ma loyal subject surround encamp the nation; breathe life into the obsolete; break up the riff raff, who can't compete; overweight folk, lean on the rail; it's about to break, and they can tell; preach about the bars through the cells; speak of all the scars, times they fail; march to a different drum; free in Christ, no cause to get dumb; countin' on how he has lost his Son; this party ain't free, it cost a ton.

[Chorus]. [Refrain].

Move it now, don't break yo' back, don't break yo' back, don't break yo' back, don't break yo' back, don't break yo' back (move it son); don't break yo' back (until the break of day).


[Chorus]. [Refrain]; oh.

Move yo head; we ain't scared; hittin' walls (break yo' back); ain't no pause.

[Refrain]; oh.

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