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Zeta by Hemotheory

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by Hemotheory, Sean Slaughter

Album: Zeta
by Hemotheory, Sean Slaughter

yo boy slaughter
it's rap rock baby
let's go!

i fight for a cause that's bigger than bush
i'm losing ground fam – gimmie a push
as i walk through the valley in the shadow of god
where the paper is the red sea – the pen is my rod

and i'm fighting off hordes of hate rhymes
a evil tongue is worse as hate crimes
as sharp as steak knives
cats on the block think they walk with nine lives
shorties in the strip club – shaking they "nana's"

you better run to the god in a quick fast
for every downfall – christ took a whip lash
and if you ready freedom – just put ya fist up
and watch you grow to eat meat from a sip cup

see i'm not blind to recognize this one thing
i'll use one mic to recognize the one king
and i'm running toward freedom's bell
who runs the universe – it ain't hard to tell – let's go!

chorus: 2x's
yeah – yeah - yeah! you better run!
yeah – yeah - yeah! yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah!

i be running and running – yo i got to break free
(i've) been battered and bruised from this war inside – me
as my feet hit the ground slamming down to the sound
of that old man reaching out to pull me down

still i press on dodging fears and doubts from the devil
more tough and real than any boss fight-any game-any level
but no i won't stop and i won't quit and i cannot lose
this narrow path i choose won't fail feet shod with peace
filled shoes

and with them shoes i run – my heart explodes – i get to steppin
i'm taking truth – taking faith – the right is my new weapon
i breath new life – the lightning strikes – the angel's wings are
i – lean into the wind and close my eyes and proceed to spit these


chorus: 2x's
yeah – yeah - yeah! you better run!
yeah – yeah - yeah! yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah!

i'm on the road now- running for the goal now… (repeat)

i'll be breakin' and clawin' and screamin' and callin' and doin' my all in

you know i'm running and i'm seeking your light

you'll be seeing and freeing and being the king
uplifting me singing –
no more to run and gun – my soul takes it's flight - go!

man i'm flipping and dipping and ripping – running like jordan and pippen
i'm breaking sweats like its summer olympics

if you're ready for battle – then steady ya saddle
the devil he got beef like a cattle – but every snake will get

chorus: 2x's
yeah – yeah - yeah! you better run!
yeah – yeah - yeah! yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah!


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